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I love finding unique cat items on Etsy, and when I came across these beautiful ceramic cat dishes by an Italian artist, I just had to share them with you.


These little cat trays are listed as “Svuotatasche kitten in raku pottery.” As best as I can tell, svuota tasche tranlates to “empty pockets.” So these trays could be used to  hold keys or coins, or they could brighten up your desk and hold office supplies. I think they’re so beautiful, I’d probably just display them as a piece of art. Raku is a Japanese technique that uses all the elements of nature: earth, air, fire and water. The artist describes her technique in more detail on Etsy and has several videos showing her at work on her Facebook page.

The little dishes come in a variety of colors.  How beautiful is this “tortie” dish?


I loved seeing that the artist has feline assistants, as shown in this video on her Facebook page:

To see more of the little dishes and the artist’s other creations, visit Ceramics Raky by Artijanas on Etsy.

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