Water is critical to keeping your cat healthy. Cats as a species don’t have a high thirst drive, and this can lead to chronic low-level dehydration if a cat is fed mostly dry food. Proper hydration can help prevent urinary tract disease and promote healthy kidney function by flushing toxins. Fountains are a great way to encourage cats to drink more water.

With so many fountains available, it can be difficult to determine quality. The two main things I look for in a fountain are that it needs to be easy to clean and easy to operate, but I also want it to look good and be quiet. The Petlibro Capsule Automatic Water Fountain hits all these marks.


Petlibro Capsule features

  • The translucent tank holds 2.1 liters and lets you easily see when it’s time to refill.
  • Built with noise-insulation tubes, this fountain is super quiet.
  • A generously sized filter filters out hair, impurities, mold and heavy metals.
  • Two drinking modes to accommodate your cat’s preference: gentle bubbles or flowing stream.
  • Easy to clean: the rounded corners prevent dirt and bacteria build up and make cleaning easy.


Putting the Petlibro Capsule to the test

Assembly was quick and easy. Printed instructions are included, but the print is so tiny I had a hard time reading it even with my readers on. Thankfully, the same instructions are on the Petlibro website in full color.

This fountain is unbelievably quiet! We have the round Petlibro fountain, and I thought that was quiet, but the Capsule  has it beat. The only thing you can hear is the occasional gentle trickle of the water. In fact, it’s so quiet, I had to double check to make sure it was on! I’m extremely noise-sensitive, and the constant low hum or splashing of water that so many fountains have drives me a little crazy. You could have this fountain your bedroom and it wouldn’t disturb your sleep at all.

The height of this fountain is purrfect, allowing cats to drink comfortably without having to crouch. The fountain is extremely easy to clean. Petlibro recommends cleaning and changing filters every two weeks, which seems a bit excessive to me. It really will depend on usage and the number of cats you have in your home. For a single cat household like ours, I wouldn’t expect to have to change it more than once every month or two.

I love everything about this fountain: it has a pleasing design, it’s easy to use, and most of all, it’s virtually silent.


The Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain is available from PetLibro’s website. You can also find Petlibro on Facebook and Instagram.

15% Discount for Conscious Cat readers

Use code XCcc15 at checkout. Discount only valid on PetLibro’s website.

*FTC Disclosure: We received this fountain from Petlibro at no charge, and we also received a fee for featuring this product. Receiving the complimentary product and the fee did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest opinion, or, as the case may be, Allegra’s honest opinion.

12 Comments on Review: Petlibro Capsule Automatic Fountain

  1. Oh I am very disappointed. I loved this capsule water fountain for two months until the pump started to work so slowly that I could not use the silicone pipe. I have cleaned it thoroughly. I have change the filters. I have done everything one is supposed to do. And still the pump barely works.
    What do I do now ?just throw it out and go back to using my other water fountain which tend to be noisier?
    Can I get a replacement motor?
    PS I noticed another reviewer had the exact same problem!

  2. I’m on the fence with this one due to it being plastic. The price is good on this one, especially with your discount. Thanks for that.
    Boo tends to get chin acne from plastic bowls so I use ceramic or stainless bowls. Among other recent ailments (hyperthyroid and deafness) he has developed some dementia and now howls at his water bowls before he drinks. Who knows what that’s about? So I recently bought an expensive ceramic one that he doesn’t like because the water comes out of a large ball in the middle and doesn’t leave a wide enough space to drink. Sigh.
    Despite the plastic, this one looks like a better option. ​I will give it a try and just donate to a local shelter if it doesn’t agree with him.

  3. I’m considering this. My younger cat has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He can drink out of a regular dish, but seems to have problems getting started, as if he can’t see the water in them. This might help him.

  4. I always trust your opinions and based on your review of this product, Ingrid, I just now ordered one — ‘quiet’ sold me. Unfortunately, the filters are sold out with no back order.

  5. I’ve been wondering about this product and was happy to read your review of it. I’ve now ordered it!

  6. I turned them down a number of times because I keep waiting for someone to make a CORDLESS fountain! It looks wonderful and the features sound great, but I really want a cordless one for Roary.

  7. This fountain is really nice. I like the height of it. I have little bowls of water throughout my house for the girls, but this one might be nice to replace the bowl in the kitchen.

  8. This seems like an excellent filter for such a great price. It’s a better deal than the one I bought temporarily to replace my pricy one that quit working. I like having two with my group so this is going at the top of my list.

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