When I was using my trusty Fuller Brush Carpet Sweeper around the litter box the other day, it occurred to me that I had never told you about it. I’ve had this little sweeper for about three years now, and I can’t imagine being without it. And I feel like I should apologize to all of you for not telling you about it sooner!

Fuller Brush Sweeper Features

This electrostatic carpet and floor sweeper just works. It works on carpet, vinyl, tile, and probably works just as well on wood or laminate floors, I just don’t have those in my house.

  • Small but mighty: at only 10 inches wide, this little sweeper is easy to store, but for its small size, it’s pretty powerful. It won’t replace your regular vacuum cleaner, but for quick pick ups or freshening up your home in between a full vacuum session, it can’t be beat. The handle pivots, so it easily gets underneath furniture.
  • Super easy to empty: The sweeper features a dual dust bin which is so easy to empty: simply push open, dump out the dust and litter, and you’re good to go again. It comes with a perfectly sized comb to get hair out of the brush, which is a lifesaver for someone like me with long hair.
  • Sturdy construction: No cheap plastic. This sweeper is made from long lasting, indestructable metal, but it’s still lightweight and easy to carry and maneuver.
  • A name you can trust: Fuller has been known for its quality cleaning products for over 100 years, and they stand behind their products. The sweeper comes with a 3-year-warranty.
  • No battery or electrical cord: This little sweeper is human powered and is always ready to go.


Why I love this sweeper

We know living with cats creates messes, whether it’s litter or hair. This little sweeper picks up scattered litter like there’s no tomorrow – a couple of passes over the area around the litter box, and it looks pristine.

The carpet in my house is pretty old, and replacing it is not in the cards – I would never put Allegra through the upheaval a complete floor replacement would create. So instead, I try my best to keep it as nice as possible with regular vacuuming. I vacuum once a week with my trusty Bissell Air Ram (another life changing appliance!) and a couple of times a week, I use this little sweeper to go over the high traffic areas. People don’t believe me when I tell them how old my carpet is when they come to my house. You know how  nice your carpet looks when it’s freshly vacuumed, with the tracks still visible? This sweeper makes them look the same. (Yes, I do get excited about little things like that!.)


The absolute best part about this sweeper: it’s completely quiet! Allegra hates the vacuum cleaner, but she barely even lifts her head when I use this sweeper while she’s asleep.


The sweeper comes in black, purple and red. When I bought it, it was also available in pink.

The Fuller Brush Carpet and Floor Sweeper is available from Amazon.



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10 Comments on Fuller Brush Carpet and Floor Sweeper: A Must Have for Homes with Cats

  1. I am trying to enter an order for your sweeper and I have tried several times. You keep telling me my card is incorrect. I am looking at my card right now. I cannot figure what I’m doing wrong. The number is my debit card. Thank you. Edna (Fran) Attaway.

  2. I have one I forgot because the rubber bumper which runs around the outside of the sweeper came off and I couldn’t get it back on. I’m going to try again! I got it out today and my indoor cat was very nervous about it and ran off. Hunh? It’s quiet. I’m hoping it will pick up litter. This girl (12, adopted Oct. ’20) digs a lot in her litter box. When she’s done her business she gets out of the box, stands on her rear legs outside the box and leans in to bury with her front paws. Little mountains of litter collect outside the box. I’m trying a variety of boxes which look like they might keep the litter in, but I’m always disappointed. (Suggestions welcome here.)

  3. I just ordered mine…..in red….right now they only have red, black and white…..they said they would be getting in more colors in July.

  4. Fuller Brush does have great sweepers, dusters and just about everything one needs to do some through cleaning. And I was amazed to see all those striking colors the company has come out with. I like the ‘purkle’ that’s how my CAGP pronounces purple. Maybe you, Ingrid, should try to train Allegra to operate that push cleanup sweeper, that surely would be a first.

  5. OMG my Mom had one of these when I was little! Are you and I the only ones who even remember the “Fuller Brush Man?” I didn’t know this company even still existed!!!!

  6. I went online to Fuller Brush and they do have it available in pink
    Price is $ 69
    When I checked Walmart most of their prices were about $120

  7. I wasn’t looking for something like this as I used the excuse (to my husband) that our vacuum is too much trouble to run (through our various rugs in our apartment) everyday. I left it to him, because our two cats shed and, sometimes, spill dry cat food all over. Purchasing something like this would make the clean-up job a lot easier – for me!. It doesn’t appear to be available in pink, but I’m leaning towards the purple.

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