It’s here! Today is the 2nd annual Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day! Arguably, for those of us who share our lives with torties, that’s every day, but today is the day to bring awareness to these beautiful, often misunderstood cats and their tortitude.

I created Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day last year in Ruby’s memory to celebrate torties in all their uniqueness and beauty. Help me turn Facebook, Instagram, and any other social  networks you’re a part of brown, tan, gold, black, cinnamon and all colors in between today!

Create your own Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day Photo

If you’d like, you can use our Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day logo to create your own photos. Simply click on the image below to download a blank frame and use your favorite photo editor to create an image with your own tortie. All I ask is that you don’t alter the frame and leave the copyright and URL at the bottom of the frame in place in anything you create.

Use hashtag
with your social shares

On April 17, the internet will be a more beautiful place because it will be taken over by torties!

Tortitude banner for posts with border


Allegra is ready to celebrate and hopes that you will join us!

Visit the official page of Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day for more information.

Mews and Nips will return next Saturday.

8 Comments on Celebrate Tortoiseshell Cat Appreciation Day 2021

  1. Speaking of torties, wanted to mention that although I am in deep mourning and grief over the loss of my dear furry fuzzy companion, I looked online at adoptable cats thinking maybe this will console me and saw an adorable little tortie. I send an email inquiry but received a quick response that she’s already been adopted.

  2. Hi everyone. Just come across this site and felt at once it was a place to pour my heart out. At the moment so stressed. I have just become the new ‘owner’ of a rescue cat to replace the loss of my beloved bengal. A tortoiseshell. She’s 4 years old and of course beautiful. She arrived on the 3rd April. Everything ready for her choice. Very timid and immediately hid under my desk. This she was quite content with for a couple of days. She was eating but wanted ‘to be alone.’ Was quite happy to get down to her level to stroke her which she liked, loud purrs. Then she disappeared. To cut a long story short, we turned the flat ( a very small flat, bed, sitting room, kitchen and bathroom.) upside down 3 times. Nothing. anywhere. Then ny daughter had a brain wave. Mum, she said, leave some foot out tonight in the bathroom. Did so and it was gone. We found a hole behind the toilet that goes into the pipes the waste water goes through. I’ve got a cat that lives in the wall. Hollow walls made of plasterboard stuff.
    She comes out at night and eats some food and uses the litter tray. But goes back into the wall. She’s been their five days now. A friend of mine who is a cat whisperer came all the way from Oxford and had no success in tempting her out. I have been to three fire stations to ask for advice, but there is no-one there that can be seen or reached. I’m getting desperate. We’re going to have to remove the tiles and make a hole in the wall – but the stretch is 8 ft, so she has room to move away.
    I’m despairing. I talk to her all the time. Anyone who understands and lives near to Staines TW183EW, and can help me take the tiles down and the bit of wall, or any suggestions very very welcome. Thank you Karen Steele

    • I’m so sorry, Karen! The only thing I can think of to try is to get a humane trap and put that in the bathroom. In the US, they’re called Have-a-Heart traps but I’m sure there’s an equivalent in the UK. That way you might be able to get her out without removing the tiles. Once you have her out, I’d keep her in a bedroom where you can spend time with her and talk to her, and only gradually allow her out into the rest of the house.

  3. I miss my two torties at the Bridge- Phoebe and Clove. I currently enjoy my Siamese Tortie Pearl who whilst a Siamese/Ragdoll tortie mix, her tortitude is no less. What a wonderful way to remember Ruby and celebrate our own (mostly) girls.

  4. Happy Tortieseshell Cat Day!. I’ve had every breed except a Tortiseshell. A special day to remember RUBY who was a real Gem! Know she is smiling down from Kitty heaven at you Ingrid and Allegra. Have a fun day!

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