I’ve adored Mayim Bialik since she starred in Blossom in the 1990’s. I loved her in Big Bang Theory. And I’ve come to enjoy her new show, Call Me Kat, which started in January.

Call Me Kat is based on the British TV comedy Miranda, and stars Bialik as a 39-year-old woman who decides to use the money her parents had been saving for her wedding to buy a cat-themed cafe.

I had high hopes for this show, but I have to admit, I didn’t like it at all at first. I’m glad I hung in there and kept watching, though, because it’s really grown on me, and now I find myself looking forward to every episode. Sadly, the show is currently in hiatus. I just hope that it will get renewed, now that I got really into it!

In the meantime, I can get my Mayim Bialik fix on Gwen Cooper’s Curl Up With a Cat Tale podcast, which is currently the #1 podcast about cats on iTunes. On this week’s episode, Mayim talks about Call Me Kat and shares the touching adoption story of her special-needs rescue cat, Addie. You’re not going to want to miss this!

You can listen to Curl Up With a Cat Tale everywhere podcasts are played, including iTunesSpotifyGooglePlayAudible, and right on Gwen’s website.

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3 Comments on Mayim Bialik Talks About Her New Show, Her Special Needs Cat and More on Gwen Cooper’s Curl Up With a Cat Tale Podcast

  1. I saw the first show and there was only about 5 minutes of her holding a cat…no other references about the cat cafe.
    I was turned off by the silly dialogue…

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