Month: March 2021

Immortal Cat by Brandon Gee (2023 Review)


I came across Immortal Cat because our friends at the 5050 Company designed the cover. It’s a little outside the range of genres I normally read, and I’m not entirely sure how to classify it. Amazon has it listed under Coming of Age Fiction, Humorous Dark Comedy, and Technothrillers. I enjoy coming of age stories, but I never had any interest in the latter two categories. However, I’m really glad I gave this book a chance.Continue Reading

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Not One More Vet: Suicide Among Veterinarians

Veterinarian examines white cat

When you take your cat to your vet and see his or her smiling face (even if it’s just on a screen or behind a mask right now,) as he or she cares for your cat, the last thing you probably think about is that this kind and compassionate person is at a higher than normal risk of suicide. The sad reality is that suicide in the veterinary profession has been a growing concern for quite some time.Continue Reading

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Mindfulness for Cat Lovers by Carole Bosanko (2023 Review)


A growing body of research shows that mindfulness reduces stress, increases focus and cognitive flexibility, makes us less emotionally reactive, increases empathy and compassion and just generally makes us happier. In Mindfulness for Cat Lovers, Carole Bosanko, a clinical psychologist who has worked with the National Health Service for over 30  years, shows us how mindfulness and cats are the purrfect combination.Continue Reading

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Kitty Sift® Disposable Litter Box and Liner (2023 Review)


When it comes to littler boxes, cleanliness is truly next to godliness. Boxes should be scooped at least once a day, preferably several times a day. At least once a month, the litter should be completely changed out after thoroughly cleaning the box with hot water and unscented soap. And no matter how well you clean, the porous plastic will start to break down eventually, depending on how frequently the box is used. In most cases, litter boxes should be replaced after 6 months to a year.Continue Reading

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AAFP and AAHA Update Feline Life Stage Guidelines


For the first time in a decade,  American Association of Feline Practitioners and the American Animal Hospital Association have updated their Feline Life Stage Guidelines, a 23-page document designed to combine feline-friendly care approaches with a lifelong healthcare plan to improve every cat’s health and well being at any age.Continue Reading

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Gwen Cooper’s Curl Up With a Cat Tale Podcast Launches Today


You’ve come to know and love Gwen Cooper for her New York Times bestseller Homer’s Odyssey, her Curl up with a Cat Tale series of short stories, and her many other books. And now, Gwen is launching her new podcast! If you’re a fan of Homer and his family, this is a great way to hear more purr-sonal stories from Gwen. And if you’re not already a fan, you’re sure to become one after listening to her podcast.Continue Reading

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