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I have long been a fan of Dr. Elsey’s litters, and was intrigued when I saw that the company now offers a new Paw Sensitive Multi-Cat Strength formula.

Why I love Dr. Elsey’s litter


I’ve been using Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Litter for the past 20 years. I consider it the best litter on the market. It meets all my requirements for cat litter:

  • It’s fragrance free.
  • It clumps extremely well.
  • It has superb odor control without any artificial additives.
  • It has virtually no dust, which is good for your cats and good for you.

And yes, it’s a clay litter. I’m aware of the controversy about clay litters, but most veterinarians don’t believe that clay litter poses a safety concern. My own holistic vet has used this litter for decades and recommends it for all her clients, except for kittens. As for the environmental issues around clay litter, yes, they do exist. And while I’m extremely environmentally conscious in other ways, I’m just not willing to change a litter that has served me and my cats well for decades.


Dr. Elsey’s Paw Sensitive Litter

The new formula has all the same advantages of Precious Cat Ultra, but in a smaller, finer granule size. I found that this litter performs just as well as the Ultra formula.

I put the Paw Sensitive Litter in one box, and kept the Ultra formula in the other box. Allegra didn’t show a preference for this litter over the Ultra formula, she used both boxes equally. (And sorry, I will not photograph Allegra while she is using the litter box. A girl needs her privacy!)

This litter could be an excellent choice for senior cats or cats who prefer a more sand like consistency. It may also be a good choice for cats who are avoiding the litter box if the avoidance is due to a substrate issue. Most cats prefer softer, sandy type textures.

Dr. Elsey’s Paw Sensitive Litter is available from Chewy.com.

FTC Disclosure: I received this litter at no charge for the purpose of this review. Receiving the complimentary product did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion, or, as the case may be, Allegra’s opinion.

6 Comments on Review: Dr. Elsey’s Paw Sensitive Multi-Cat Strength Litter

  1. I don’t know how anyone can say that dr elseys is virtually dust free. It used to be better but still so dusty.

    I put new litter in a clean tray and by morning the whole tray and area around it is coated in dust, this is more notable if the tray is dark but using a paper towel you can wipe off a thick layer of dust.

    I found the new paw sensitive one to be even worse with dust, so much dust. And it did not clump well, the clumps stayed wet and in a multicat household resulted in a lot of messy paws.

    I wish I could switch to something else but all clay seems dusty and my cats refuse all pellets. So every day there is so much cleaning with dr Elseys. I tried the frisco litter but it was worse. Tidy Cats resulted in cemented litter in paws. My cats have allergies so scented in the least is not an option.

    It’s disappointing they have let their quality slip so much and people still say it’s dust free. It most certainly is not. I’ve tried every available unscented clay litter.

  2. I had used Dr. Elsey’s in the past. I’ve changed to another kind as both of my girls always had clumps of cement attached to their behind feathers. I always felt that it was a race to who could get to their behinds to clean them first. I’ll clean the floors willingly (tracking litter), so that they are not ingesting the clay. Sorry, just another opinion.

  3. We love Dr. Elsey’s litter
    When we had all our cats we were using 160 pounds a month!!!
    That’s a lot of kitty litter

  4. I also use clay litter. I tried a different kind once and had one of my cats sit and stare at the box at 6 in the morning and then start crying. She didn’t like the change. I had to rush to the store and get the kind she was used to and she was happy to finally potty. That cat is not with me anymore, but I don’t want to change anything in fear it will upset one of my girls.

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