I would guess that most of us were pretty happy to say goodbye to 2020. However, given how 2021 started, right now it’s hard not to wonder whether this year will really be that much better, which is why it’s more important than ever to hone our coping skills and learn new ones.

There is no doubt that change is coming, and perhaps, there’s even the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, but right now, we’re still stuck in the “messy  middle” of what I hope will be a transformational year on a lot of different levels.

A recent article in the Washington Post addressed how we can cope with the messy middle of the pandemic. Christine Carter, the author of the article, argues that “everything’s hardest in the messy middle. Here’s why: When the pandemic hit, we were collectively freaked out — and energized. We bought groceries for our neighbors … We massively changed the way we work, educate our children, shop and socialize. … It’s a lot to tackle at once. For many of us, our surge capacity became depleted. The adrenaline is gone. We need a hug — from someone outside of our household.”

I couldn’t agree more with this assessment. The longer the pandemic drags on, the harder it becomes for me to remain hopeful that things will get better again. And I can’t tell you how much I miss hugs!

Carter suggests that “instead of just waiting for it all to be over, we’ll do better to reengage with the things that bring us meaning.” I think that’s good advice. I don’t want to look back on 2020 and 2021 as years when I just sat around waiting for things to get better.

I encourage you to read the full article and spend some time answering her questions. I found that to be a very helpful exercise, and maybe it will help you feel just feel a little better about things, too.

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6 Comments on Sunday Quotes: The Messy Middle

  1. Change is as fickle as love. At first it’s great, just what you wanted, then it usually turns upside down and maybe all around. That’s when the mess starts to pile up, and if it piles over your head, you may find yourself wishing you would’ve stayed just right where you were in the beginning.

  2. If you don’t buy into the new normal as presented in the Washington Post, the messy middle will not be as messy as it will be for those who do. My gang of kitties, are right there with me – they don’t buy into the vaccine narrative, they don’t buy into the American Medical narrative, they don’t buy into the virus narrative. They are living very healthy lives without all the side effects that come with those narratives. I learn a great deal from them!

    • A good approach…I agree… two cats keep me on even keel…..and when I am not, I have to make an effort to get back so that they don;t need to cope with my distress.

  3. I have never been much of a hugger, so I don’t miss that part. I miss not being able to go out to eat or shopping at my favorite stores. I miss going to church too. This pandemic has shook my faith and caused problems in my marriage. I can’t wait for things to get back to normal again. But I wonder what that normal might be. I have done everything possible to keep my cats routines normal. I just don’t think they should have to worry about anything different.

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