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As someone who’s been working from home for years, that aspect of the last few months is nothing new for me, but many of you have been having your first experience with feline-assisted work for the first time this year. In Working from Home with a Cat, Heidi Moreno reminds us why cats are the best coworkers ever.


With colorful art and oh-so-relatable scenarios, Moreno takes us through a day in her life with her cat Peanut. From the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed, she navigates working with her needy yet loveable feline companion, as Peanut walks over her paintings, hogs her chair, disrupts her yoga routine, and more.


This may just be one of the cutest books of the year, and it will make a wonderful gift for cat loving friends and coworkers.

Working from Home with a Cat is available from Amazon.


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  1. I can relate as well! I have worked from home my cats whole life, 10+ years. Cat walking on the keyboard or tail draped and flicking over keyboard, cat on the desk blocking computer screen, trying to catch cursor or other movement on the screen, fiddling around in the cubbies on my desk etc. etc. But now that she’s older she does this less and I actually miss it!

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