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Sheer Fun for Cats is an interactive toy that stimulates your cat’s natural instinct to hide, hunt, stalk and pounce. Developed by a cat sitter, this patented versatile product makes old toys new again and keeps playtime interesting.

Sheer Fun for Cats features

  • 18”x 32″ durable sheer fabric with Crinkle Paper sewn in the edges
  • VELCRO® brand loop fasteners sewn on two corners of the sheer and one sewn in the middle to attach the wiffleball
  • two 2 1/2″ adhesive VELCRO® brand hook fasteners for securing the sheer under sturdy furniture
  • One wiffleball attachment (made with parachute cord and a golf wiffleball)


This list of features doesn’t tell the full story, though. Developed by someone who clearly loves and knows cats, the attention to small details is impressive. For example, the velcro fasteners on the sheer are intentionally small so that the toy releases easily. The fabric will eventually show some small punctures from teeth and nails, but it is sturdy enough for even very enthusiastic play.

The possibilities for this toy are virtually endless. Cover your cat’s toys with it. Attach it to a chair and let your cat stalk and pounce on her toys. Wiggle a wand toy underneath the sheer. Cover a box with it. The only limitation is your and your cat’s imagination!


Putting Sheer Fun for Cats to the test

Allegra was delighted with this toy. She likes batting at the whiffle ball, but her favorite way to play with it is for me to take a wand toy and wiggle it underneath the sheer. It can be challenging to keep her interested in any one game for any length of time, but this toy really holds her interest. I suspect that the fact that I can vary play from one day to the next also helps.

Please visit for more information and to purchase. Sheer Fun for Cats is also available from Amazon.

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