A Japanese cat may be the world’s first real copycat. Ebisu was able to imitate the actions of her human under controlled scientific conditions. Claudia Fugazza, an ethologist at Eötvös Loránd University, who had been studying dog cognition for nearly 10 years using “Do as I Do” training, discovered this talented feline by accident. As part of the study, she was working with a  Japanese dog trainer who told her that she had trained her cat with the same method. For more about Ebisu and to see him in action, visit

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Today’s video of two sleepy kittens is sure to bring a smile – enjoy!

Photo: still from Youtube video

4 Comments on Mews and Nips: Cat Imitates Human

  1. If I could train either of my cats to shut the tv off, after AI fall asleep, that would be the best thing, ever. Hubby falls asleep first, then I follow. I wake up 2 hours later and the TV is still on. If thy can press the right button on the remote, even though it’s so tiny, it would save so much $$!

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