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Volana Kote (aka Jen Glick) is a Delaware based jewelry designer who creates gorgeous pieces incorporating naturally fallen cat whiskers. Jen has always saved her cats’ whiskers. “They bring good luck,” she says. She has also designed jewelry as long as she can remember, and one day, she started incorporating whiskers into her designs. Her gorgeous pieces range from necklaces to earrings to bracelets. She also offers keychains, cuff links and tie clips. Most pieces are available with a choice of different metals.


The gorgeous keepsake ornaments shown above are one of Jen’s newest designs. Your cat’s naturally fallen whiskers will be carefully custom set and sealed with a waterproof epoxy resin and glass cabochon.


Jen makes each piece is with love and care within approximately 45 days of whisker receipt.


The ornaments are made from lead and nickel free zinc alloy and available in many different background colors.


These ornaments are a lovely way to honor and remember a special cat at the holidays and all year long.

You can find all of Volana’s creations in her Etsy shop. You can also find Volana on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. I first learned of Volana Kote from one of your write ups a few years ago. I fell in love with her pieces and followed her on social media. I planned on attending my first CatCom last year, traveling from Florida to California, to celebrate my 50th birthday. When I learned Volana Kote was going to be there I was thrilled and she was the first vendor I headed for!! Jenn is not only a talented jewelry maker, she’s a wonderful person! Her purrsonality shines through and she’s so sweet. I bought 2 of her pieces, a ring an earrings, and love them. Living in Tampa, I was again excited when she attended KittyCon and I didn’t have to travel across the country to see her. She is such a wonderful person with an amazing gift to make beautiful jewelry for both men and women. Friends who had booths there fell in love with her and her work we quickly as I did and now they’re Volana Kote admirers, too. Thank you for telling everyone about her!

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