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Water is critical to keeping your cat healthy. Cats as a species don’t have a high thirst drive, and this can lead to chronic low-level dehydration if a cat is fed mostly dry food, which in turn, can lead to urinary tract and kidney problems. Proper hydration can help prevent urinary tract disease and promote healthy kidney function by flushing toxins. Fountains are a great way to encourage cats to drink more water.

With so many fountains available, it can be difficult to determine quality. The two main things I look for in a fountain are that it needs to be easy to clean and easy to operate, but I also want it to look good and be quiet. The Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain hits all these marks.

Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain features

  • 5-layer circulated filtration: Tray mesh, sponge, GAC (Granular Activated Carbon), ion exchange resin, plus medical stone are designed to filter out hair, large particles, debris, sand & rust, remove odors & impurities, soften hard tap water, and improve water quality.
  • Fresh water 24/7: A 74oz/2.2L reservoir provides a continuous supply of clean, safe water for your pet while taking up little floor space;
  • Detachable design for easy & thorough cleaning.
  • Smart Control: Total safety support with an auto off function at a low water level to avoid pump running dry.
  • Quiet: Works quietly at a noise level as low as 38dB (30dB is the sound of a whisper) with a smart auto on night light.


Putting the Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain to the test

Assembly was quick with with simple, easy to follow instructions. One design feature that delighted me right off the bat is that the fountain has a white power cord. One of my big pet peeves in industrial design is the use of black power cords on light colored products. It just looks ugly to me, and shows a lack of attention to detail.

This fountain is unbelievably quiet – in fact, I’d say it’s silent. I’m extremely noise-sensitive, and one of the things that has stopped me from using fountains in the past is that the constant low hum or splashing of water drives me a little crazy. I couldn’t hear this fountain at all, and since the water just moves gently, but doesn’t splash, there is no water sound, either. A huge plus!

Another thing I really love about this fountain is the height. It allows cats to drink comfortably without having to crouch. Allegra has had an elevated water bowl for the last few  months, and she loves it. It completely eliminated the occasional “urping up” of water that would happen after she drank a little too fast.

The fountain is extremely easy to clean. Petlibro recommends changing filters every month or two, depending on usage.


The fountain has a smart night light that comes on when the ambient light gets low. You can easily turn this feature off if you don’t want to use it.

I did not have a fountain set up prior to testing this one, so this was something new for Allegra. She was pretty cautious the first few days I had it set up, but gradually became more comfortable. I know she’s been drinking from it because the water level has dropped, but I have yet to catch her with my camera while she’s drinking!

The Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain is available from Amazon or directly from PetLibro’s website. You can also find Petlibro on Facebook and Instagram.

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I’ve reviewed quite a few fountains over the years, but this one truly stands out. The simple, sleek design will fit in with any decor and the height is comfortable for cats. Maintenance is easy, and best of all, it is virtually silent! In fact, I love it so much that I’m awarding it our coveted Seal of Approval.


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9 Comments on Review: Petlibro Automatic Water Fountain

  1. What does it mean when the pump stops pumping for a few minutes & the green indicator light flashes several times, then it starts pumping again?

    We just bought this & have had it only a week. It has been fine up until today.

    • Maybe the trays aren’t aligned properly? I’d try unplugging and reseating everything. If it still happens, contact Petlibro customer service.

  2. I had this product for just a few days, and from the initial setup had issues with the top tray not draining to the bottom tank properly. After 2+ hours of soaking the filter, running the fountain with minimal water so the pump would kick off and let the tray drain, and then flexing the filter to help “break up” the innards and allow for more free flowing water I thought I had the issues fixed.

    Instead I found the fountain overflowing again after a few days of running, but this time the electronic base had filled with water and had scorching on the switch for the night light. I emailed customer service my issues and concerns, and got back an email asking me to “please replace the filter and pump sponge as these issues are often caused by a dirty filter”.

    So what you’re telling me is: 1) a brand new product needs a new filter and I am going to pay for that (get bent) and 2) your product is designed such that if the filter gets dirty, instead of having a safety off it just overflows and short circuits, potentially causing a fire hazard??? what if your pet dropped a toy in the fountain? Or started playing with the water and caused the tray to get knocked askew? What initially seemed like great idea now clearly is laking some engineering foresight in my opinion.

    Would not recommend, especially after the customer service experience.

  3. I always read reviews on Amazon, to hear what users have to say and what to pay attention to…check that out if you have any questions.
    Customers service responds to all question.
    The one thing I read is that you really have to soak the filter before starting it otherwise it can overflow., which several people have mentioned.

  4. Ingrid, the water in fountains dehydrates rapidly, so the level may go down and Allegra has not been drinking it. It is wise to have both a cat’s regular water source and the fountain for awhile during the transition phase.

  5. I really like that this fountain has a night light. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone into the kitchen at night and accidentally kicked the water bowl making a mess with the water splashing out everywhere.

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