Is this the look of love or what! When Tim Adams heard about an 18-year-old cat rescued from an area shelter by Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary and Adoption Centers in Arlington, WA, it was love at first sight. The feeling was mutual for Sammy. “He rubbed his face on my hands over and over. He bonded with me right away,” Tim said. “I knew I would be taking him home.” The sweet senior blossomed in his new home and recently celebrated his 20th birthday. For more about Sammy and some wonderful photos of the pair, visit LoveMeow.com.

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The cat in today’s video is one determined kitty – enjoy!

Photo via LoveMeow.com

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5 Comments on Mews and Nips: Cat Adopted as 18-Year-Old Celebrates His 20th Birthday

  1. That is so wonderful to see someone adopting a senior cat. Sammy and his dad are both so fortunate. My 2 torties, who I have had since they were 2-3 months old, both turn 17 this month.

  2. Sammy is so cute, and I’m so glad he has gotten a great home, in his later years..What a good person to take a older baby! I have a tuxedo also..His name is Jack, alias Jack-ack-ack…I got him out of a hot car in August of 2001..He was probably 6 weeks at the time, so he will be 20 soon also..I hope your kitty and you have many more wonderful years together..

  3. I’m glad Sammy got a good home. It’s so obvious how much he loves his new daddy. The kitty in the video reminds me of my Kiki. She is always determined to get what she wants and this cats almost looks like her.

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