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There is no question that indoor cats live longer and healthier lives. The average life expectancy for an indoor cat is 12 to 15 years vs. 4 to 5 years for an outdoor cat. To ensure that they also live happy lives, it is imperative that cat guardians provide a stimulating environment. If you feel strongly that your cat should have access to the great outdoors, leash training is a way to allow her to safely enjoy being outside. For some cats, safe outdoor excursions can help prevent behavior problems by stimulating them and helping them burn off excess energy. Leash training can also come in handy during trips to the veterinarian, or during emergency situations.

Get the right harness for your cat

To train your cat to walk on a leash, you need to start with a harness specifically made for cats. It should be lightweight, fit comfortably and come with a clip attached to the back of the harness. The leash should pull from the chest, not the neck.


The Martingale Cat Walking Harness

New from Sleepypod, the makers of the best cat beds on the market, comes a unique cat harness that cinches to prevent even the smartest of cats from backing out to escape the harness.

Made from high-grade, breathable mesh for comfortable wear over long periods of time, the harness is strength-tested for safety.

It is available in three sizes (small, medium and large) and five colors: Midnight Blue, Pink Peony, Strawberry Red, Jet Black, and Glacier Silver.

The model in the photo at the top of this post is the beautiful Summer, a therapy cat and kitty on the go. We featured an interview with Summer’s human last month.


Slim Leash

Sleepypod’s new six-foot leash compliments the new Martingale Harness and includes the kinds of features you would expect from the market leader in safe pet products. It is composed of high tensile strength nylon webbing with robust stitching and a high strength, aircraft grade snap hook that has been tensile tested at an aeronautical lab to verify that it can withstand more than 500 pounds of force. The intuitive, push-on snap hook design is beneficial for those with arthritis or hand mobility issues. Durable yet lightweight, it won’t weigh your cat down. Available in Charcoal, Pink Peony, Blue Lagoon and Brilliant Copper.


Comfort Suede Breakaway Collar

This super soft ultra-suede collar reduces loss of hair at the collar line. It features a breakaway clasp that releases with pressure, and includes a detachable identification tag holder.

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3 Comments on New from Sleepypod: The Martingale Cat Walking Harness and Comfort Suede Breakaway Collar

  1. Lovely products and I admire and adore Sleepypod products but as a professional lost cat finder, I have to caution people against taking cats going outside in harnesses.

    I have yet to see a cat harness they cannot back out in the blink of an eye. Or an owner who has never dropped a leash. Most cats are not properly-suited nor trained for outdoors on a leash.

    Please, I beg you cat owners, think twice about how it “might be fun” take your cat our for some fresh air, only to see them going over the back fence with the leash chasing them becasue you sneezed.

    I’ve had many lost cat cases of this exact event, and not all end in a happy reunion.

  2. Pele loves this harness. I had never used a harness before I got to try this one. She is much happier on it than a regular collar. She loves her walks a lot more now.

  3. This is a great harness! I know because I wore it, and we actually visited the Sleepypod offices a couple of times while it was being developed, so it was exciting to see it become reality. One of the really great things about it is that even though it covers a lot of a kitty’s torso, it’s still airy, which helps lots in warmer weather.

    P.S. I loved being a kitty model for this shoot!

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