You’ve come to know Sarah Chauncey through her compassionate writing about loss and grief  here on The Conscious Cat over the past few years. After her heart-cat Hedda died in 2016, she wrote P.S. I Love You More Than Tuna, a beautifully illustrated and healing gift book which is available for pre-order now.

Last Saturday, Sarah gave a talk on “How to Deepen Your Bond with Your Cat” as part of Meowfest Virtual. What made this talk different from others about similar topics is that while Sarah addressed some of the conventional wisdom for bonding with a cat, she also addressed this topic from a deeper perspective by exploring how to strengthen the soul connection we all have with our cats.


I found Sarah’s talk fascinating and I encourage you to watch it. I can guarantee you that you’ll pick up a few things you’re going to want to try with your cats.

Sarah Chauncey is the author of P.S. I Love You More Than Tuna, an upcoming gift book for adults grieving their cat. She runs @morethantuna on Instagram  and Facebook, and she started #tunatributes, a support community for people grieving their cat. She lives on Vancouver Island.

3 Comments on Watch “How to Deepen Your Bond With Your Cat” with Sarah Chauncey

  1. The grounding exercise really did make me feel more relaxed. She has some great advice. I think being home more has deepened my bond with Lulu. She has started hopping on my lap and laying there for a few minutes. I think Sarah’s voice was soothing to Pele. I started brushing her while I was listening and Pele laid there for brushing a lot longer than usual.

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