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Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about a new game Mom has been playing with me! She plays it with me on laundry days, but I hope that she’ll see that since I have so much fun with it, we can play it on other days, too.

I love laundry days! On those days, Mom brings a big basket full of clothes and sheets and towels and stuff upstairs and dumps all of it on the bed. I’m always ready to be super helpful, and make sure that I sit right on top of that nice, warm pile. I’m not sure why Mom thinks that’s not particularly helpful. She keeps pulling stuff out from under me!

I also like to jump into the empty basket and peek out through the holes. The other day, Mom did something super cool. She put something in the basket, and that thing started to hum and move around! Whoa! What was happening?

As you can see, I had a lot of fun playing this new game.

Mom said to tell you that the thing she put inside the basket is called a Hexbug, and you can buy it from Amazon.


Of course, it will work with any laundry basket your human already has, but if you want the exact same one we have, you can also buy that from Amazon.


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12 Comments on Allegra and the Laundry Basket Game

  1. Allegra, I always assumed you were a helpful cat, but this is two-fold for you, since you get to cozy up to soft sheets, etc. and play peek-a-boo. I really envy you, Allegra, you’ve a life of luxury, we’ll good for you. Then you now have a new friend the ‘Hexbug’ what a way to go. You continue to help mom because her and I have been walking around in circles lately.

  2. Brilliant! I have the butterfly toy but it always goes under furniture where kitties can’t get to it. This laundry basket is the purrfect solution!
    Thanks, Ingrid!

    • I am envious how responsi ve your cats are to the various things you introduce them too. Can’t get mine to engage, but perhaps it could be that they are outdoor cats. I will try the Hexbug though

  3. OK, you got me. I bought one for my fur-kids from Amazon. Gonna try the laundry basket trick, too. Hopefully it will keep the Hexbug from disappearing under the couch!

  4. Hello Allegra-would you believe it, we also have a very similar laundry basket.

    You are looking very adorable, and is lovely to see you enjoying your game and purring!

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