One of the few silver linings of this pandemic has been that pet adoptions and fosters have increased tremendously while people are staying home, in some cases, even clearing out some shelters. But even with increased adoptions, there are still plenty of cats waiting for their forever homes. June is traditionally Adopt-a-Cat Month. While shelters in some states are slowly reopening and starting in person adoptions again, others are still only doing virtual adoptions. Check with your local shelter if you’re thinking about adopting, but don’t let the idea of adopting a cat virtually stop you from considering it. Visit The Verge for a comprehensive article about how to adopt a pet virtually and safely. For more on virtual adoptions, read our recent feature about how one Washington DC area based rescue group successfully handles contactless adoptions.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Sunday, we discussed the benefits of having an occasional meltdown, on Monday, we explored whether cats can be taught to be lap cats, on Tuesday, we reviewed the Magical Meownicorn Tunnel, on Wednesday, we shared a memory of the time when Ruby fell off the refrigerator, on Thursday, we reviewed the AirMax 8L air purifier from Okaysou, and on Friday, we reviewed the upcoming How to Take Awesome Photos of Cats.

Who needs a human to turn on the faucet when you can figure out how to operate the water cooler!

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3 Comments on Mews and Nips: Adopt-a-Cat Month During the Pandemic

  1. The information given here was certainly not true for N. J. Here it was take the cats in cages and put them with fosters and don’t take in any more. Verification of this can be found in the N J . Com article” It’s lights out and nearly empty cages……which documents how St. Hubert’s, the state biggest private shelter had to deal with loss of volunteers and other problems. A link from this page will go to another NJ .com article on how hard hit the cat rescues were including what St. Hubert’s did.

  2. When will you adopt another cat Ingrid? I’m sure Ruby wouldn’t mind. You are such a wonderful mother; any cat would be so lucky to be chosen by you. I hope your heart heals soon and we can all congratulate you on your new housemate.

  3. This article got me looking at cats at my shelter again. They sure do have a lot in there. I wish my husband would allow me to get another one. 🙁

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