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Not surprisingly, as the author of two volumes of Purrs of Wisdom that are all about what we can learn from our cats, The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from Our Feline Friends “had me at hello.” I knew I would love this book before I even turned the first page, and I wasn’t disappointed.

In this lovely book, spiritual teachers, writers, and animal experts reflect on the life lessons and the gifts they have received from their feline friends, from unconditional love to getting in touch with our spiritual nature to respecting our cats for who they are.

I enjoyed all the stories, but found myself particularly touched by Baby’s Purr. This starving, bedraggled little cat came into Damien Echols’ life after he spent 18 years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. She ended up playing a critical role in his healing process. “Baby has helped me back to health as surely as I did her,” he writes.

I also loved Alice Walker’s poem I Was Born to Hold a Cat, which is one of the most beautiful writings about cats that I have ever come across.

This is not a book to be read cover to cover. It is meant to be savored one chapter at a time. Allow yourself time after reading each chapter to absorb the message contained in each story, and to reflect on the lessons your own cats have taught you over your lifetime.

The Karma of Cats is available from Amazon.


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7 Comments on Review: The Karma of Cats: Spiritual Wisdom from Our Feline Friends

  1. My 89 year old dad ordered this for me from Daedelus Books because I’m his “crazy cat lady daughter” and I received it today. Alice Walker’s poem brought me to tears (and reminded me what great writing does for the soul). The pieces I’ve read are beautiful. Anyone who loves cats and fantastic non-fiction needs to get a copy.

    • Janine, if you need this book. I’d like to purchase it for you. I found this site because I lost my sweet fur baby in April. I wasn’t ready for another pet, probably ever. Then a week ago we adopted two rescues. Not from the same litter, they weren’t even in the same foster home. But they adore me, they are saving my heart. Please if you are comfortable with this….email me your address and I want to purchase and send this to you.

      • Thank you so very much, Tina! Just seeing this brings tears t my eyes. Your kindness is more than appreciated and rare in in the world with everything going on. I would love to read it. Tomorrow is the 8 year anniversary of Nani’s death and I have been feeling low because of it. You just brought a great big smile to my face. I will send you an email.

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