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Cat bed preferences are as individual as each cat. Some cats have one favorite that never changes. Some cats change favorite beds with the season. Allegra tends to like beds that allow her to stretch out, while Ruby loved to curl up in a little donut shape. Today, I’m rounding up a selection of beds from Petmate that have either been favorites at our house, or have been on Allegra’s wish list for some time.

Jackson Galaxy Dumpling Cat Bed

You know that anything designed by Jackson Galaxy is bound to be a hit for cats, and this cozy, poofy bed is no exception. Filled with a soft, eco-friendly polyfill bolster that adds support and cuddling comfort, the top half of the Dumpling features a self-warming layer, creating a reversible bed that’s perfect for any time of the year. The outer layer is made of soft Microluxe Plush to create the ultimate resting and napping place. An invisible zipper allows you to remove the outer layer for washing.


Jackson Galaxy Comfy Clamshell

This versatile bed can go from cozy hideaway to lounging pad. It features a soft plush inside, and a durable polyester outside. It’s super easy to convert this bed. To turn it into a cat bed, simply tighten the rope that goes around the outer perimeter, and then tuck the extra rope away into a cleverly designed pocket to keep it out of the way. To turn it back into a soft lounge pad, just undo the fastener and loosen the rope until the bed lays flat.

Ruby loved this bed

Ruby loved this bed when it was laid out flat. Read our full review here.


SnooZZy Mod Chic Shearling Round Bed

This pretty bed has long been on our wish list. It features an overstuffed bolster to provide additional support for your cat’s head, neck, and back. Super soft, rich velour fabric makes up the sleep surface while the non-skid bottom helps keep the bed in its place on hard floors. This bed is ideal for cats who like to curl up and feel secure in a bed. The bed is machine washable – and isn’t the color just gorgeous?


Jackson Galaxy Donut Cat Bed

This is the softest cat bed I’ve ever seen, and I see a lot of them. The super soft surface and the overstuffed bolster are made from fluffy, flush cotton that is so soft to the touch, I just wanted to lie down and curl up in it myself. Did I mention this bed is really, really soft? The bed has a non-skid bottom so it won’t slide around on tile or hardwood floors. The entire bed is machine washable. The bed was a huge hit with Allegra and Ruby, and is still one of Allegra’s favorite napping spots. Read our full review of this bed here.


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  1. My cats like a variety of beds. Of course the two in front of different windows gets used the most. Then there is one in the bedroom that is a covers box style bed that gets used when it’s cold. We have one under the coffee table in the living room that gets used when we are watching tv. But pillows and blankets seem to be the most popular with my kids.

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