I found this quote to be so very appropriate for our times. Whenever I find myself enveloped in fear, sadness or despair, I try to bring myself back to the present moment.

I can’t control what’s happening out there, but I can choose to embrace the present moment, and try to find some meaning in all of this. And I can do it over and over and over again.

I also found that this quote helped me reduce my news intake even more than I already have. Knowing what is happening only causes more anxiety. Nobody knows where this is all going; even the most educated infectious disease specialists can’t predict the future. Yes, it’s important to stay informed – but be picky about how much you take in, and from what source.

I don’t often offer guarantees, but I can guarantee you that if you reduce your news exposure to a minimum, your anxiety levels will drop considerably. For  me, that means no more than twice a day, for a total of a maximum of 15 minutes a day. Some days, it’s even less than that.

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