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Ball and spin toys are nothing new, but this new inexpensive take on an old favorite looks really good to me, so I wanted to share it with you. This three tiered tower features a stacked and sturdy construction with a non-slip base to hold the toy in place.


Tower of Tracks Features

  • 3 levels of tracks and 3 brightly colored moving balls to your cat’s attention
  • Durable construction
  • Perfect for one or more cats, the Tower of Tracks stimulates your cat’s senses and satisfies their hunting instincts
  • Interactive and solo play: cats will have fun playing on their own, or you can spin the balls for your kitty and bat them back and forth

The Tower of Tracks is available from Amazon and


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12 Comments on Petstages Tower of Tracks

  1. My husband bought one of these a while back for our cat Gizmo. She absolutely loves it. I would totally buy one again if anything ever happened to the one we have. We also had just the single track with a cardboard scratching pad in the middle and she didn’t take a like into that one as much so we gave it to one of our neighbors who’s cats love it. I am so glad that we were able to give a cat toy that Gizmo wasn’t using to someone who’s cats love it. I am also so glad that we got the three tier one she absolutely loves it.

  2. I bought one of these for my 2 cats. When the ball went around to the side where they couldn’t see it they looked down the center expecting it to be there! Never did get the hang of it. So I gave it to my cousin’s younger cats. One of them had the same problem with it!

  3. My cats enjoy this toy, but just a note: my female cat is small, and a few years ago, she actually got her head stuck inside the center. She panicked when she realized she was stuck, and fortunately I was there to help. This is one of the few toys that I won’t leave out for my cats when they’re unattended.

    • The CATSCUE Mom posted about a similar toy last week. Her kitten got his head caught and his Dad was there to free him. She taped a plastic lid over the opening, and posted that a newer version of the toy has the hole covered.

  4. I bought this for my Dawn over a year ago. She ignored it for a month and then it became her favorite toy. Both Dawn and Winston love to play with it during the day. It’s interactive as a human could propel the ball and be in the game with the cat(s). It’s so fun to actually be involved in play with my cats.

  5. My senior cat is obsessed with this toy!!!! I’ve given it as gifts to many people and everyone says their kitties love it.

  6. This is definitely a favorite of our younger cat now probably about 18 months – but our older one is completely uninterested. So, the joy is clearly a matter of the individual cat – as with most things related to our little companions.

  7. One of my friends gave this to Lulu when I first got her. She loved it. Even one of my older cats wanted to play with it, but it didn’t keep her interest too long. Lulu still goes to it to play every now and then.

  8. I bought this for my adult cats, they weren’t interested. I have heard that kittens and cats under a year love it, but unfortunately, not my adult cats. 🙁

    • I have one and some of my cats do play with it. I have one warning, however, one of my younger cats has a small head and actually got this stuck on his head when he decided to look too far down the hole in the middle. Luckily I was right there when it happened so I was able to grab him and free him before he freaked out and ran all over the house. With all that said, it is a sturdy toy and they have fun with it.

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