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27 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Love and Grief

  1. The quote is absolutely true. It’s how I’ve felt every day since my sweet loyal boy passed away a year ago. The memories of our 20 yrs together run through my mind throughout the on an endless loop. People tell me it gets easier. When will that be? Because it’s only gotten harder for me. I miss him so much.

  2. Ingrid, I absolutely love this quote, and it’s so true. I think about one of my babies (Tony), I lost eleven-months ago every single second of the day. My heart remains broken and will never heal. I pray for you, Allegra and Ruby’s soul every night in my prayers. God Bless.

  3. I truly understand the heartbreak you are going through. I just had to put my precious Mr. Penny down on February 10, 2020. He would have been 16 years in a couple of weeks. Like you my heart is broken and I truly feel your pain. He was Ruby to me like Ruby is for you. I am still not over my little girl, Katie, which has been just 20 months. I pray for you that you may be given peace. My heart aches.

  4. Dear Ingrid,
    I know I talk about this whenever I make a comment but I grieve all the time over my sweet Tori. I have had lots of cats but this one was different because her personality was almost child like (human). I miss her so much that whenever I think of her I break down. Only time will help, I hope.

  5. Oh Ingrid, those words hit me right in the heart, in that chamber full of pawprints.
    “I have rather loved and dealt with grief, than not have loved at all”.

  6. Ingrid, my heart breaks for you..Knowing that pain, makes me dread losing any of my beloved animals, which I know will happen eventually, since I have a 12 yr old, and a 20 yr old..I have been so grateful, that God has allowed me to care for and love his babies for this length of time..I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved sweet baby..

  7. So true and a beautiful picture…I can truly understand what you are feeling by looking at the picture and I am sending love and prayers to you and Allegra xoxox

  8. Ingrid. Thank you for the quote it is so true.Only time can heal your broken heart.
    there are no words than can help. Ruby was you little lap treasure. and She will always be. i pray God will give you peace, and acceptance with time. blessings to you!!

  9. This is beautifully written but the picture makes me teary. I wish I knew the right words to say or what to do to help heal your heart. Ruby was a very special girl.

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