Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein™ formulas were created to mimic the protein levels found in a cat’s natural prey. Previously available in three different flavors, Dr. Elsey expanded the line to include a number of new proteins, including some single protein formulas.

About Clean Protein™

All Clean Protein™ are paté style, and are grain-free and gluten-free. Over 90% of the protein used is animal based, and there are no fillers or preservatives added. The canned formulas come in chicken, turkey, beef, salmon and ocean whitefish flavors. Clean Protein™ is also available in two dry formulas, chicken and salmon. At 59% and 56% respectively, these dry formulas have the highest protein content of any dry food currently available, but I still don’t recommend any dry food, no matter how good a quality. However, if you absolutely must feed dry, this is the best option among the dry foods currently on the market.

All proteins are sourced and manufactured in the USA. The formulas do not contain fillers, artificial preservatives, are non-GMO and do not contain any ingredients from China.


New formulas

In addition to turkey, chicken and salmon, Clean Protein™ is now available in rabbit and turkey, duck and turkey, and beef. I was delighted to see that they also offer three single protein formulas: duck, pork and salmon. Single protein formulas can be a lifesaver for cats with food sensitivities.

Dr. Elsey’s Clean Protein™ formulas are available from and in many brick and mortar pet stores.

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