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9 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Always With You

  1. I am convinced that CATS are re-incarnated human beings! They are sooo intuitive…WHY can’t living humans take lessons from CATS? Pray tell…Peace.

    • Oh i love this. It makes me think of my beautiful cat babies who’ve passed away-Ginger, Amber, Jasper, Scootie, and Tom. Miss them so much but this is so dear and touched my heart. Thanks for sharing it. ❤️

      PS I know you must think of your Ruby and other angels when you read this too and I hope that it helps you too. ❤️

  2. I love this quote/poem, since the first time I read it – or actually it was my father reading Winnie the Pooh for me, and it was and still is a reminder that even when the physical body is gone, the loved one lives on in your heart and mind.

  3. This lovely, and could not have come at a better time. I lost my beloved dear 16 year old cat Patches last night due to advanced stage kidney disease and I am just devastated. The pain is absolutely unbearable. I loved him more than words can ever express and his loss is felt so strongly. I still can’t accept that he’s gone.

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