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There is no question that indoor cats live longer and healthier lives. The average life expectancy for an indoor cat is 12 to 15 years vs. 4 to 5 years for an outdoor cat. To ensure that they also live happy lives, it is imperative that cat guardians provide a stimulating environment. If you feel strongly that your cat should have access to the great outdoors, leash training is a way to allow her to safely enjoy being outside. For some cats, safe outdoor excursions can help prevent behavior problems by stimulating them and helping them burn off excess energy. Leash training can also come in handy during trips to the veterinarian, or during emergency situations.

Get the right harness for your cat

To train your cat to walk on a leash, you need to start with a harness specifically made for cats. It should be lightweight, fit comfortably and come with a clip attached to the back of the harness. The leash should pull from the chest, not the neck.

The Martingale Cat Walking Harness

New from Sleepypod, the makers of the best cat beds on the market, comes a unique cat harness that cinches to prevent even the smartest of cats from backing out to escape the harness.

Made from high-grade, breathable mesh for comfortable wear over long periods of time, the harness is strength-tested for safety.

It is available in three sizes (small, medium and large) and five colors: Midnight Blue, Pink Peony, Strawberry Red, Jet Black, and Glacier Silver.


Enter to Win a Martingale Cat Walking Harness
Winner Chooses Size and Color

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The Martingale Cat Walking Harness will be available from Sleepypod in February. For more information about Sleepypod, please visit

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79 Comments on Giveaway: Martingale Cat Walking Harness from Sleepypod

  1. I would pick Pink Peony for the color. I’m going to say size small because everyone says my cat is small. But I’d have to see poundage and inches to make sure. Thanks so much for the chance to win this!

  2. My MaggieMae loves to go outside with me. This harness looks so much more comfortable than the one she is using now (which is a regular dog harness. I love that they are making harnesses specifically for cats.
    She is a very girly cat and would love the Pink Peony in a size Medium

  3. Luna would love exploring the yard with her doggie brothers! I would get the little lady the pink harness in small since she is still in her kitten stage

  4. I think Angus would be a size large and he says Midnight Blue since he is a big boy. He is curious about the outdoors yet hasn’t been out since e was socialized as a feral kitten.

  5. Ooh Sleepypod just gets better! I think medium in strawberry red would look great on my Nox who is jet black!!

  6. I’m excited to see this harness – it looks thoughtfully designed! I like that it has no material between the front legs. I got a comfy looking mesh harness that had a lot of good reviews for use on cats, and was introducing it slowly to my kitty. She was ok wearing it in the house, but seemed constricted by the leg hole openings so we gave up for the time being. I think this harness design would be PERFECT for her! Without a size chart I’d guesstimate medium, and Glacier Silver would be pretty!

  7. I’d love one of these for my kitty. Blue would be best for him. I tried a standard harness when he was a kitten and he scratched up my new hardwood floors trying to get it off. I gave up. this one looks like it might work.

  8. Thanks for opportunity. At this time I don’t have a harness for my cat so winning this would be just great. If I were to to win and I hope I do, I would get the color Pink Peony in a size Large.

    • I see there is another Crystal. So there is no confusion my full name is Crystal Stewart and my comment is with the cat picture. I thank you for the giveaway and want to win.
      I would want the color Pink Peony in a size Large.

  9. My Velma would love a new harness. She is getting a little big for the old one – and always begs to go out! Size M.

  10. Cleo cat would be so happy to go out and enjoy some CA sunshine. We have tried different kinds and she’s escaped from each one of them.

  11. Love this harness! I had always had problems with the regular harnesses. My cat refused to walk and would just fall down and stay there. I would LOVE the glacier silver in a large. Is it size adjustable? I have 2 cats. The female is small and the large would be way too big for her. The male is much larger. If the harness isn’t adjustable, then it will be for my male cat. Ingrid, thank you so much for having this giveaway. Your giveaways are always awesome!

  12. Could not find it on the Sleepypod website but will use it on foster kittens to add to their skills list so small and red would be great.

  13. I enjoy taking my cat for a walk on nice days and would love to try the harness out. I think a medium would do and I would like strawberry.

  14. Pawsum harness. We couldn’t find it on the sleepypod site, so we’ll guess we’d need a size small. our favorite color is purrple. But we also like blue. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  15. I look forward to trying this harness. I am a cat behavior consultant and like to have options for my clients. I often teach them to train their cats with harnesses for enrichment and for introductions to new animals or babies.

  16. I found my Kotoha as a two-week-old feral kitten over three years ago. She’s never been outside again (except in her carrier, going to the vet, etc.) I know she gets jealous when the dogs go out, so I’d love to be able to let her roam a bit with me. I would pick the Pink Peony color and without seeing a sizing chart, am assuming she’d need a medium collar (she’s about 9 pounds). I’ll have to check these out in more detail when they get released (unless I”m lucky enough to win one now)

  17. I’d love to win this, try to train my 7yr cat who use to be able to go outside, but has been indoors for a while with this I could take him outside safely

  18. My Chloe would love this. She like to go out with me in our yard but I worry about her running after a bird and getting away. this would be a perfect solution.

  19. Would love to start going on adventures with my kits— a small Strawberry Red harness would suit any of my three girls!

  20. I would love too try one of my 2 cats on a harness for these 2 hang on the perches on their cat trees I think I would love to try it.

  21. I would love to try this harness for Pele. She is the only one of my cats that has any interest in going outside. We usually just put a collar and leash on her and walk her in the back yard. I think she would look good with the strawberry red one. She is an average size cat, so I guess medium would fit her.

  22. This harness design looks wonderful! Would love to have one to try with our two Maine Coon/Siberian 11 yr old “lady” cats who have never been outside except to travel to vet’s for appointments. I think that this would be very secure in emergency situations should we need to leave the house quickly. Not sure on sizing, each act weight is in range of 9 lbs and midnight blue would complement their lovely silver/blue tabby fur.

  23. I’ve tried lots of harnesses on my cat! She seems to be able to escape from them all!! I would love to try this one! I think my cat would take a medium in strawberry!

    • Love this harness! I had always had problems with the regular harnesses. My cat refused to walk and would just fall down and stay there. I would LOVE the glacier silver in a large. Is it size adjustable? I have 2 cats. The female is small and the large would be way too big for her. The male is much larger. If the harness isn’t adjustable, then it will be for my male cat. Ingrid, thank you so much for having this giveaway. Your giveaways are always awesome!

  24. I just want to say, I have tried on this harness myself (I’m in the instructional video they shot for it), and it’s really secure. My human says it’s some of the toughest velcro she’s ever seen! Highly recommended by me.

  25. Most of my cats are medium to large so if it’s adjustable, I would go with large. And my favorite color is blue.
    I have one cat that loves to walk outside while another sneaks out for the neighbors grass. This is the one that needs a harness!

  26. I think this Martingale Walking harness design by Sleepypod is very clever and looks secure yet comfortable. I walk my cat and this design is the design I prefer rather than the harnesses that seem to be made of ribbons and chains! This looks lightweight and secure- I said that twice…and I would love to get the Glacier silver!

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