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I don’t keep track of the number of books I read each year, but my best guess is somewhere between 150 and 200, and at least half of them have something to do with cats. I review books here on The Conscious Cat on a regular basis .

I made a commitment to myself long ago that I would never post a bad book review. I feel that every author pours his or her heart and soul into a book, and just because I don’t like a book doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a good book. As a result, if you see a book reviewed here on the site, it means that I really liked it.

In past years, I’ve had a top 10 cat book list, but apparently, 2019 was a slow year for cat books (or maybe just a slow year for cat books that I really liked.) As a result, this year’s list is a bit smaller.

Here are my five favorites for this year, in no particular order.

Gwen Cooper’s Curl Up With a Cat Tale Series


I read a lot of cat books every  year, and while I enjoy most of them, the ones that stay with me even years after I first read them are few and far between. Gwen Cooper’s books are in that small group. I look forward to anything Gwen writes, and while I’m not a huge fan of short stories (I always feel like they end too fast, just when I get into the story,) I was delighted when Gwen announced the publication of a series of short stories, Curl Up with a Cat Tale. The monthly series features humorous and heartwarming short stories about the ongoing adventures of Gwen’s feline family. I look forward to each new installment every month.

Individual stories in the Curl Up with a Cat Tale series are available on Amazon, Nook, etc., or you can make a one-time payment of $14.99 to get all the stories for the whole year at a 60% discount off the retail price – and you know you’re going to want to read the whole series. You can take advantage of that offer at:

Rescue Meez: My Journey Through Siamese Cat Rescue


Siamese Cat Rescue is one of the largest and most successful breed specific rescue organizations in the US. Based in Virginia, the group has saved over 12,000 cats in 15 states over the last 20 years, and is still going strong. Rescue Meez: My Journey Through Siamese Rescue is founder Siri Zwemke’s personal memoir about  how her love for Siamese cats ended up becoming a full time job.

Rescue Meez is available from Amazon.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles


I finally got around to reading The Travelling Cat Chronicles, an instant international bestseller that received a lot of praise from mainstream reviewers after its publication last fall. And I’m so glad I finally did. This beautifully written novel about Nana the cat and his human Satoru takes the reader on a journey as the two visit three of Satoru’s longtime friends. This is a book about friendship, family, and connection, and about taking joy in the small, simple things. It drew me in from the first few pages with its beautifully descriptive and often lyrical writing style. At its core, it’s also a book about the enduring power of the bond between a cat and his human.

The Travelling Cat Chronicles is available from Amazon.

Hello, My Name is Bunny! London


Hello, My Name is Bunny! was one of my choices for best cat books of 2018. Aimed at children ages 6 and older, the book features the Bunny, a small cat with a huge heart, who saves a mistreated carriage horse in Manhattan. Bunny’s new adventure takes place in London, where she embarks on an ambitious scheme to save the London foxes when they fall under the threat of a cull.

Hello, My Name is Bunny! is available from Amazon.

Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Edition


The internet’s favorite texting cat and his cast of friends and family, including Earl (the “filthy hound”), Stumpy (the best friend), Drunk Patty (the usually tipsy next-door neighbor), Grandma (giver of treats), and Fiona (Mitty’s girlfriend) will entertain you in Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Edition. Angie Bailey’s quirky sense of humor is a delight.

Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Edition is available from Amazon.

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  1. How can Rita Mae Brown not make the list, or perhaps, she is in a category unto herself? She writes rings around every other writer, just her descriptions of the ever-changing panorama of her physical world, throughout the seasons, is worthy of serious study. She is a true literary artist

    • I love her books! She didn’t make the list because it’s compiled out of the books I read in 2019, and I didn’t review any of her books last year.

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