When Brazilian journalist Artur Lira was filming a news segment outside a police station, an adorable grey and white cat decided he or she made for a better story. Lira couldn’t stop laughing when the cat interrupted his report not once, but twice. It turns out that the cat is a stray who is being fed and watched over by the police at the station, but if all goes according to plan, Lira intends to adopt the kitty himself. Visit the Dodo for video and more on this developing story!

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Today’s video is sure to make you smile – if synchronized washing was an Olympic discipline, these two would win the gold medal for sure!

Photo via The Dodo

1 Comment on Mews and Nips: Cat Interrupts News Segment and Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing

  1. Cats really have the innate ability to make themselves the center of attention, no matter who’s on the podium at the time. Cats squeeze, wiggle, stretch and whatever else it takes for them to climb between doors, windows, blinds, you name it, to get into the area they’ve decided to make their new home, bed or just their watch tower. But all of us humans, just sit back and take in their amusing antics; we wonder what we’d do if they weren’t in our human life’s.

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