If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the footage of a black cat interrupting the New York Giants game vs. the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. The cat’s appearance launched a thousand memes, and sports announcer Kevin Harlan’s play-by-play was purrfect. However, my reaction to watching the footage seems to have been a bit different from the majority of the internet – all I could think of was how terrified this poor cat looked. It turns out that several feral cats live at the stadium and come out after the games to be fed. Who knows what prompted this cat to make an appearance during the game, but I’m guessing he or she is not going to do that again!

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Monday, we shared 13 questions you should ask before scheduling your cat’s dental procedure, on Tuesday, we reviewed Litter Lifter Scoops and their Handy-Holder, on Wednesday, we ran the final piece in our Yochabel’s Wisdom series, and on Friday, we reviewed You Know Your Cat Loves You Because… And don’t forget to enter our giveaway to win an enamel cat bangle bracelet from Triple T Studios!

Today’s video picks up on our lead story. It shows three black kittens watching the action on the field. Can’t you just hear them cheering for the kitty on the screen?

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14 Comments on Mews and Nips: Cat Delays NFL Game

  1. Ingrid, I felt sick watching this poor baby just torn as to how to escape. Stressed hugely, panting and salivating. Poor little boy . I’m glad that everyone let him ‘call the shots’ in trying to find a safe ‘smaller’ way out. Poor kitty ☹️❤️.

  2. I wonder if that cat will ever be so bold to head that way again? The poor baby was scared and out of breath, ‘I’m sure!’ Some one from that organization should step up to plate and take care of the feral cat situation in that area. All the cats should be moved to a safer place with available food and water.

  3. I felt the very same way, Ingrid! All I could think was that poor cat looked absolutely TERRIFIED!!! I’m glad that they feed the ferals there, and can only hope someone is doing TNR on the colony!!!

  4. All I could think was the fact that cats are sprinters not marathoners. That cat was one tired cat once all the adrenaline was gone. I just felt so sorry for him. Yes, I thought it was a him.

  5. I’m with you, it looked so scared. I wish people would stop with the ridiculous black cat comments. I have 4 black cats and have never had any bad luck. As a matter of fact I’ve had nothing but good luck having them in my life. I have 8 cats total. I hope that kitty ate well that might.

    • I’m with you too Alita, and Caren.
      Poor kitty. I used to believe in that ridiculousness about black cats being bad luck. I got over that extremely fast when I asked myself, “if you came upon a black cat that was injured, would you stop to help it?”. Damn right I would. I apologize for that word, I just feel that strongly about my love for cats, and others’ too. I love black cats. My first one died at age 14 when I was six, she was a black kitty, long hair. I was crushed for ages and ages. There is something very royal about felines, and they deserve 101%, to be loved and honoured.
      Smiles, love

  6. Ingrid I am with you a zillion percent. I actually was watching that game on TV WHEN IT HAPPENED (not after on the internet). I was so upset I was beside myself. That poor kitty was TERRIFIED and………not sure what video you watched online (I didn’t watch anything since I saw it take place live), I was not thrilled that the sportscaster of course mentioned something about black cats being unlucky, he said something like do you believe black cats are unlucky? Can’t remember exactly what it was that he said. My heart broke for that cat and I didn’t find it to be funny AT ALL. I was just praying that the cat was unscathed after that horrifying “adventure” Sending much love.

  7. I also was upset for that poor kitty. I sometimes see other videos online of cats or dogs doing things that may hurt them. Not funny to me at all.

  8. She does look very scared with her mouth open, breathing fast, running this way and that. At some point, she was stuck and didn’t know how to get out.

    I had a black cat once, and he was also adventurous and daring. She must be a real brave cat, running into a field full of running humans and noise. Cat like these always get what they want.

    I once saw a cat stuck in a recycling bin. He must’ve gotten in through the hole but had forgotten how to get out. I put my arm into the hole and out, to remind him of the way out, but he was panicking and couldn’t follow my instructions. Everyone called the owners of the recycling bins on their cells, and they didn’t show up. They said they’ll show up in half an hour, and we waited and waited.

    Finally, a teen boy managed to open the locked door by using a fallen branch on the keyhole, something I never thought was possible, and the terrified cat leapt out and ran like the devil itself was after him.

    It’s nice to know there are kind people who feed feral cats.

  9. I saw the clip on tv, and thought how scared that kitty would be. It also reminded me of the cat that ran onto the field, and then I believe Tony started a cat rescue in California afterwards.

  10. I felt so sad and sick watching that poor kitty, how scared he was, and all the ridiculous black cat references

    • yep I am glad you verified the ridiculous black cat references, because I thought I heard at least one when it happened (I was watching the game and saw it happen)………I was extremely upset.

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