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It’s no secret that I’m a huge Queen fan. Over the past year, I’ve read numerous biographies about Freddie Mercury and Queen, and with every one, I felt like I got to know a little bit more about this legendary performer. But no other book made me feel like I got to know the real Freddie as did Freddie Mercury: A Life, In His Own Words.

Compiled and edited by Greg Brooks, Queen’s official archivist, and Simon Lupton, Queen’s TV and DVD producer and director, the book features quotes and interview transcripts from the man himself.

Reads like an autobiography

Freddie didn’t give a lot of interviews over the course of his career, which makes this collection even more precious. The closest we’ll ever come to an autobiography, the book provides intriguing insights into the man behind the legend. From his humble beginnings as an immigrant to worldwide super stardom, this book not only gives us a close up and personal look at Queen’s journey, but also allows us an intimate glimpse at this often painfully shy and very private man.

Freddie talks about pursuing his dream (“I am not going to be a star. I’m going to be a legend,”) and dealing with wealth and fame. He reflects on getting old, his legacy (“Never make me boring”,) and death.


It is well known that Freddie was a huge cat lover. He had a total of 10 cats over the course of his life, and by all accounts, they were very much a part of his family.

“I’d love to have a baby, yes. But I’d much rather have another cat.”

I found this passage particularly touching:

“There have only been two individuals who have given back as much love to me as I gave to them: Mary, with whom I had a long affair, and our cat, Jerry.”

He goes on to say: If I go first, I’m going to leave everything to her. Nobody else gets a penny – except the cats. They deserve it.”

Another testament to Freddie’s love for his cats is the dedication on his solo album, Mr. Bad Guy: “This album is dedicated to my cat Jerry – also Tom, Oscar and Tiffany, and all the cat lovers across the universe – screw everybody else!”

In 20 chapters, 194 pages and nearly 73,000 words, you will meet Freddie: inimitable, unpredictable, invariably funny, often poignant, and always entertaining.

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Image of Freddie Mercury with his cats via Imgur

65 Comments on Win an Autographed Copy of Freddie Mercury: A Life, In His Own Words

  1. My favourite Queen tracks are ‘Feelines Feelines’ from the News of the World sessions, ‘Crazy Litter Thing Called Love’, ‘Great King Cat’ and ‘Don’t Stop Me-ow Now’. GB

    • Freddie Mercury was quite the looker! And he was quite the cat lover; ten felines are a large handful
      of cats. However, all his shyness got tucked away in his performances and all his love was given to 1 woman and all those cats. There’ll never be another Freddie Mercury on this earth again!

  2. Oh my CAT! That’s like asking me what my favorite color is. They are all so beautiful! It has to be a tie between Love of My Life and Don’t Stop Meow.

  3. I like almost all he sang but Somebody to Love is one of my favorites. Freddy had a magnificent range and was amazing.

  4. I love every Queen song. But my favorite has to be “Somebody to Love”. I still get goosebumps hearing that song!

  5. I’ve always loved the music, Under Pressure is a favorite. Queen is the sound track of my college years. Hearing Freddie was a cat guy makes me love him even more.

  6. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody only after it came to TV and that was with much hesitation. I wasn’t sure the performer could do him justice. HUGE Queen fan (hubby not so much) and this movie made me want to know more about him. This would be an excellent very early birthday present for me!

  7. I just ordered this book. I never knew Freddy Mercury loved cats until I saw the movie–Bohemian Rhapsody. I volunteer on the cat side of an animal shelter in Arlington Heights, IL and I named 2 of the kittens–Freddy and Brian. And now I’m going to listen to Delilah! THANKS!

  8. What a force of nature he was! I have a soft spot for “Under Pressure” but really, how can you pick ONE song? They’re all fantastic! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  9. I’m also a huge fan of Freddy and just last summer I read two of his biographies. So if there’s no two without three, I absolutely have to read this too. Hard to say which is my favorite song, but the first one that comes to mind is Living on my own

  10. I’m also a big fan of Freddy and just last summer I read two more biographies about his life, so if there’s no two without three, I absolutely have to read this too!

  11. OH man, how do I choose just one?? My favorite at the moment would have to be “I Want to Break Free”, but there are so so many others that I listen to often 🙂

  12. “Leave your favorite Queen song in a comment!” *Every* Queen song? *Most* Queen songs? They were a stellar band! How about “We Are the Champions”?

  13. I would love to win this book, but if I don’t I’m going to be sure to get a copy anyway. He is the best, and the fact that he was such a great cat-lover just makes him even more perfect. Love all of Queen’s songs, but Bohemian Rhapsody is probably my favorite.

  14. I would love to win this. Freddie was amazing and he loved cats that makes him an even more beautiful soul. Thank you for the chance and good luck everyone.

  15. There are so many great Queen songs, but I must admit Bohemian Rhapsody is my all time favorite. It just brings back a lot of good memories.

    • Fav Queen song? Seaside Rendezvous. Queen fan since 1974! Fave band then, fave band now. It’s a cat thing! Must be! Love Freddie = must love kitties!

  16. There are too many great songs to choose one favorite. A couple come to mind…Bohemian Rhapsody and Radio Gaga.

  17. “Somebody to Love” is my favorite, but I do love so many more of their songs. I love that he loved cats. I shelter elderly cats. I have 10 at the moment.

      • I’m a big Queen fan too, and I have no doubt that the song that first captured my imagination and made me fall in love with the group & Freddy is Bohemian Rhapsody! (altho there are many more I could name!)

  18. Favorite album…. are you kidding? I can’t pick just one! Boy, do I miss hearing them on the radio as I am driving around now.
    Can’t replace some of the classics…

  19. Wow… my favorite Queen song? That’s tough because I love them ALL! However, my kitties Ruford, Bella, and Lucky say the song “Delilah” is our favorite since it is indeed about a cat! I agree but want to say “Bohemian Rhapsody”! Also, Ingrid, you need to hear Freddie’s album with Monserrat Caballe! Totally awesome!

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