Month: October 2019

From Cells to Siamese: Advancing Our Understanding of Cognitive Dysfunction


Guest post by Ingrid R. Niesman, MS PhD

Anyone who has lost a beloved relative or cherished pet to dementia knows the tremendous personal cost. My phone and computer screens still display 19-year-old Mr. Spock, although he left us in October of 2013. His last years were marked with curious Parkinson’s disease-like symptoms, most notably tremors, loss of appetite and a pronounced head tilt. However, he maintained his dignity and profound loving nature to the end. It was the beginning of my personal journey to understand feline cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS), although I had no concept that such a clinical condition even existed.Continue Reading

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PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge


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When it comes to scratching posts and scratchers, not all are created equal. While they may all accomplish the same thing, giving your cat an opportunity to scratch, cheaper scratchers tend to not last as long or aren’t sturdy enough to withstand vigorous scratching without moving around or tipping over. PetFusion’s Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge has been around for several years, and is one of the best scratch loungers on the market.Continue Reading

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Urinary Tract Disease in Cats


Urinary tract disease in cats far too common (more on why that may be the case later in this article) and encompasses a whole range of problems, ranging from infection to crystals and bladder stones to life threatening blockage. Some urinary tract diseases are treatable, while others are irreversible.Continue Reading

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8 Halloween Safety Tips for Your Cats (2023 Guide)


I’m pretty sure that if cats had anything to say about it, they’d get rid of Halloween. From a cat’s perspective, there’s not much to love about a holiday when strangers come knocking at your door, your humans dress up in weird outfits and scary looking masks, and some  humans even try to put you in costumes. It’s up to us humans to reduce the stress of this holiday for feline family members and keep them safe so everyone can have a happy Halloween.Continue Reading

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7 Ways to Treat Your Cats Like Royalty


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Being treated like royalty comes naturally to cats. Most of us have been trained by our feline family members to be their loyal servants and cater to their every whim. If there’s ever a question about who’s really in charge, cats are quick to remind us that it’s certainly not us!Continue Reading

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How the Assisi Therapy Pad Helps Henry with Multiple Health Issues, Including Irritable Bowel Disease


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14-year-old  Henry shares his life with Harry and Julie Shubin and six other cats in a Virginia suburb of Washington, DC. He has been sick for at least half his life.Continue Reading

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Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Edition (2023 Review)


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Mittens is back! The internet’s favorite texting cat and his cast of friends and family, including Earl (the “filthy hound”), Stumpy (the best friend), Drunk Patty (the usually tipsy next-door neighbor), Grandma (giver of treats), and Fiona (Mitty’s girlfriend) will entertain you in Texts from Mittens: The Friends and Family Edition.Continue Reading

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Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens


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We’re big fans of Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw. Since her first rescue ten years ago, Hannah has developed a huge following on Instagram, featuring some of the most adorable photos of kittens you’ll ever see online, but she is about so much more than just cute photos. Shaw has become the go to expert on how to save and raise orphaned kittens. Continue Reading

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Ask the Cat Behaviorist with Dr. Marci Koski: Cat Traumatized by Vet Visits, Stressed Blind Cat, Food Puzzles and More


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Dr. Marci Koski is a certified Feline Behavior and Training Professional who received specialized and advanced certificates in Feline Training and Behavior from the Animal Behavior Institute. While Marci has been passionate about all animals and their welfare, cats have always had a special place in her heart. In fact, Marci can’t remember a time when she’s been without at least one cat in her life. She currently relies on her five-member support staff  to maintain the feline duties of her household.Continue Reading

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