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The best cat products are designed to engage your cat’s natural instincts. They mimic prey, and allow your cat to go through the full “hunt, catch, kill” sequence they would experience in the wild. They also provide opportunities to xercise the need to scratch, and they provide safe and comfortable spots for resting and napping.

Today, we’re rounding up a few of our favorite Petmate products. These are products that Allegra and Ruby love and use consistently.

Constellation Combo Scratcher


This 2-piece scratching system allows you to use the pieces separately or together, creating multiple layouts that’ll keep your cat interested and engaged. Each scratcher comes with catnip to help entice your cats to use the scratcher and keep them coming back for more. It is well-constructed and solidly built so the scratcher stays put during scratching.


Allegra: I love this scratcher, and Mom says she loves the swirly design.

The Constellation Combo scratcher is available from Petmate and Amazon.

Jackson Galaxy Comfy Clamshell


Ruby: This is my favorite favorite favorite….

Allegra: Ruby! Let mom describe it before you chime in.

Ruby: blows raspberry at Allegra

This versatile bed can go from cozy hideaway to lounging pad. It features a soft plush inside, and a durable polyester outside. It’s super easy to convert this bed. To turn it into a cat bed, simply tighten the rope that goes around the outer perimeter, and then tuck the extra rope away into a cleverly designed pocket to keep it out of the way. To turn it back into a soft lounge pad, just undo the fastener and loosen the rope until the bed lays flat.

Neither Allegra nor Ruby were all that interested in it when I had it configured as a bed, but once I spread it out flat. Ruby thought (and still thinks) that it’s the best thing ever! It takes up an awful lot of space but she loves it so much, how can I not leave it out? Thank goodness it’s purple…


Ruby: Now? Can I tell them how much I love it now? Because it’s the bestest ever. I love napping on it, it’s soooo comfortable and cozy!

The Jackson Galaxy Comfy Clamshell is available from Petmate and Amazon.

FAT CAT Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger


You can never have too many scratchers, and this scratch mat takes up no extra room. Simply hang it from a door knob (we hung ours on the hall closet door.) The natural sisal surface keeps claws manicured and lets your cat stretch while scratching.

Allegra: This was a Christmas present from one of mom’s friends a couple of years ago, and I still love it so much!


The FAT CAT Scratchy Mat Doorknow Scratcher is available from Petmate and Amazon.

Looney Loops


These little plastic spirals are a huge hit with both girls. Allegra in particular goes nuts with them, chasing them all over the house. And she’s much too fast for me to ever et a good picture of her playing with them!

Allegra: I am a fierce huntress! Chasing these loopey things is serious business!

Petmate Looney Loops are available from Petmate and Amazon.

FAT CAT Classic Kitten Little Toy


I had to throw these little catnip stuffed kittens in here, because I’ve had these since I had my first cat Feebee, and every cat since has played with them. This must be some potent catnip for it to be still be interesting after more than 30 years! I periodically wet them down and that seems to reactivate the catnip. I think it’s just wonderful that they even still make these after all that time.

FAT CAT Classic Kitten Little Toys are available from Petmate and Amazon.

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5 Comments on Our Favorite Petmate Products

  1. My fabric couch has been ruined with my kitten scratching to it till they got enough. Haven’t have it yet but I think the scratcher should be the best remedy with my situation.

  2. The famous and beautiful duo, Allegra and Ruby, have made their long awaited appearance to the stage again. How nice of you, both to come back and show the world all of your new toys, or should we call them gifts. You girls must have a house full of beds, climbers, scratching posts, etc., but if you do both of you richly deserve them. They all look like fun toys and Ruby is trying out her new comfort zone, ‘what a way to go, Ruby.’ Happy to see both of you again, enjoy and have fun, fun, fun.

    • The girls are pretty spoiled when it comes to assorted cat products around our house, but they also regularly donate them to a local rescue group so less fortunate kitties can also have fun with them. 🙂

  3. My cats love those spiral things. I also have some really old cat toys, but never thought about wetting them down to see if the catnip reactivates. I’m going to try that.

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