Month: September 2019

Buckley’s Story 10th Anniversary


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It’s hard to believe that this weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of Buckley’s Story: Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher. When this little cat came into my life one spring day in 2005, I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams just how much she would change my life.Continue Reading

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Study Shows That Cats Are Getting Heavier


Researchers at the University of Guelph’s  Ontario Veterinary College conducted a 35-year study on more than 19 million cats from the US and Canada. The study confirmed a disturbing trend: most cats gain weight as they age, and cats’ average weight is on the rise.Continue Reading

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Mr. Waffles Loves Design (2023 Review)


Lisa Roberts is passionate about design. The former architect began collecting contemporary product designs in the 1980’s. Her extensive collection features more than 400 pieces. She has written books about design and is a trustee and board member at several design museums. She is also the human of Mr. Waffles, a gorgeous former shelter cat. Mr. Waffles Loves Design features stunning photos of the beautiful hauspanther on the colorful pieces of Lisa’s collection.Continue Reading

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A Tribute to Brooke


It’s always sad when a friend’s cat dies. My heart hurts for what I know they’re about to go through as they mourn their loss. We’ve all been there, and even though everyone grieves in their own unique way, we all know how hard it is. This past Wednesday a tortie named Brooke lost her battle with cancer. Brooke has a special place in my heart. She belonged to very dear friends of mine, and if it wasn’t for Brooke, I never might have met them.Continue Reading

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Rotation Diet for Cats: Benefits, How To, & More!


Human nutritionists tell us that food variety is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet, and yet, we don’t think twice about feeding our cats the same food, day after day. I can’t imagine that they enjoy this lack of variety any more than we would.

But in addition to the boredom factor, there are other important reasons for feeding a variety of foods, also knows as the rotation diet, or rotation feeding. You can rotate different proteins, brands and flavors on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.Continue Reading

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NomNomNow Full Spectrum Probiotic for Cats (2023 Review)


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I consider probiotics one of the most important supplements for cats. They are crucial to promoting good intestinal health. A healthy gut is critical for a strong immune system, healthy body weight and composition, and even mental health, and minimizes the risk for numerous diseases, including diabetes and cancer. Continue Reading

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