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The best cat toys are designed to engage your cat’s natural instincts. They mimic prey, and allow your cat to go through the full “hunt, catch, kill” sequence they would experience in the wild. And who better to design cat toys than the Cat Daddy himself, Jackson Galaxy?

In his groundbreaking book, Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat, Jackson wants cat guardians to understand that inside every housecat lives a “raw cat,” driven by instincts as ancient as the species itself. If we truly want to build better relationships with our cats, we need to understand this aspect of the cat’s way of being in the world. Appropriate play is a big part of helping our cats express their “mojo.”

We’ve reviewed several of the toys in the Jackson Galaxy Collection by Petmate. Today, we’re rounding up a few of our favorites. These are toys that Allegra and Ruby play with consistently.

Jackson Galaxy Ground and Air Prey Wands


Interactive wand toys are one of the best ways to play with cats. They not only engage their natural hunting instinct, they also allow for a wonderful way to bond with your cat. The Ground and Air Prey Wands are designed with a telescoping wand and interchangeable toys. Whether your cat favors mice or other scurrying critters or fancies herself as a bird chaser, these quality wands make playtime fun for both cat and human. Bonus: the clip is designed to easily swap out attachments. No more broken fingernails!

Allegra: I like the Air Prey Wand. I pounce like a graceful panther to catch the feathers!

Ruby: I’m a Ground Prey girl. Mousies don’t stand a chance when I’m in the house!

The Jackson Galaxy Air and Ground Prey Wands are available from Petmate.

Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball


The Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball provides visual entertainment for your cat. The toy uses sensor-activated action to set the butterfly fluttering within the ball, which taps into your cat’s natural instincts to observe and track prey. The ball is weighted at the base so while it wobbles when your cats bat at it, it still stays upright.

Allegra: I like to sit and watch to try and figure out where the butterfly goes before I bat at it.

Ruby: Allegra, you’re a wuss! Just pounce and see what happens!

The Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball is available from Amazon and Petmate.

Jackson Galaxy Go Fish


The Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy puzzle toy will let your cat go fishing for treats! This food puzzle is designed to satisfy your cat’s hunting instinct and keep her mentally stimulated. The silicone fishtails are removable for cleaning and the base is dishwasher safe. The base has rubber feet to minimize movement on hard floors.

Allegra: I’m really smart, and I managed to get the treats out of this toy really quickly. And then Mom put in more. Score!

Ruby: I don’t think I should have to work for treats.

The Jackson Galaxy Go Fish toy is available from Amazon and Petmate.

Galaxy Spiral


The concept of the Galaxy Spiral is nothing new: a ball inside a round track, a scratching pad in the center. However, since it’s designed by the Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy himself, it’s pretty much guaranteed to have some special touches that the other versions don’t have. The Galaxy Spiral satisfies cat’s instinctual hunting drive by creating a fun “hide and seek” experience. Rather than just a plain ball, the ball inside the spiral is a motion activated LED ball that blinks.

Allegra: This is so much fun! We can play with it together, Ruby!

Ruby: Wee! Watch out Allegra, here comes the ball!

The Galaxy Spiral is available from Petmate and from Amazon. It comes in purple, blue, green and orange. (Please note: if you purchase from Amazon, you may not be able to specify color.)

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  1. I realize this is a late comment, but I just couldn’t help myself when I spotted two of my favorite girls. Yes, you guessed, it’s Ruby and Allegra! I’m tickled pink to read the girl’s comments about all of Jackson’s new toys. Both look like they’re having way too much fun, so I think Ingrid, you should give Allegra and Ruby some work duty. Such as cleaning up after they both put your’s and their home in disarray, just kidding. Love you all!

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