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Gus, a 12-to-16 week-old kitten, was found in the middle of the road on a Sunday evening by Dr. Andrea Duvall, DVM’s brother. Dr. Duvall is a veterinarian at South Clackamas Veterinary Service in Mollala, Oregon. Gus was dehydrated, and his chin was degloved (his skin was torn off to the bone) from his mandible all the way to his neck.

Gus’s treatment

Dr. Duvall took Gus to the clinic where she works. She performed surgery and gave him fluids and pain medication. She brought her own personal Loop from home (she’s using it on her own cat, Momma Kitty,) since the clinic currently does not have one. She started using it on Gus a few days after his surgery.

Gus also received laser treatments and continued to get pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication.

“Gus had bruised eyes and significant facial trauma,” said Dr. Duvall. “The Loop really helped his eyes.” (Laser treatments cannot be used on eyes.)

Gus readily took to the Loop. “He laid there and purred, but then he wanted to get up and eat, so I put the Loop around his bowl to continue treatment.”


As Gus recovered, he was gradually introduced to the hospital’s other clinic cat, Tiger Lily. They are now playing together and Gus will officially become a clinic cat.

How the Assisi Loop Works

The Assisi Loop, created by Assisi Animal Health, is a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive device provides targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF™). tPEMF, which was first studied in the 1970s and is FDA-cleared for use in humans, uses low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to help relieve pain and swelling. This therapy can benefits cats with pain associated with arthritis, pancreatitis, wounds, or post-surgical swelling as well as many inflammatory conditions. The Loop is well tolerated by most cats. In fact, many cats really enjoy receiving Loop treatments. Because the Loop stimulates the body’s own healing process, rather than introducing a new substance (like a medication), even a sensitive cat body can handle it easily.

Also available: the Assisi Loop Lounge


Featuring the same pain control of the Loop via targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF™,) the Loop Lounge™ is the only therapeutic pet bed backed by scientific research. Click here to read more about the Assisi Loop Lounge.

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4 Comments on How the Assisi Loop Helped Gus Heal from Road Injuries

  1. i have used these on my dogs, humans can also use them. they were developed for woman that had pain from breast cancer. the company was brought out when it became successful. it was developed in southern pines/pinehurst, nc. i have used these on my dogs. works great. i really like the new one with the crate.

  2. I have read such great things about the Assisi loop. I do rescue and feed a feral colony as well as being owned by five cats . I so wish one day to be able to afford to try both. I think they would help so much.

    Maybe one day if I am incredibly lucky I will have both or Assisi will run another contest.

  3. I use the Assisi Loop and appreciate these stories of how it can help heal. I was concerned about the photo with the loop around the metal bowl. I think it was clever to use the food bowl as a lure but the metal bowl would distort the field and a non-magnetic bowl would be a better choice.

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