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I practically live in flip flops all summer, and if I could, I’d live in them all year long. And how cute are these cat-themed fit flops!

I have a couple of pairs of Havaianas and can attest to the quality of the brand. While they don’t have a molded footbed, they are more cushioned than most flip flops in this price range, and the toe separator is well designed and fairly soft, so they don’t need much breaking in.

Rose Quartz

The cat version comes in two patterns: Rose Quartz and the White/Shocking Pink. I can’t decide which one I think is cuter, so I just may have to order them both.

White/Shocking Pink

Which one is your favorite?

The flip flops are available from Amazon.


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6 Comments on Adorable Cat Flip Flop Sandals

  1. Love them each however the Rose Quartz is my favorite. Not positive of my measurement due to the fact my ft are two specific sizes. They are adorable.

  2. How cute can flip floppers be but these really rate right up there! Except, I’m not your flip flop person; my feet needed to be more grounded. Now, if I had the stability and agility my two girlfriends have, Allegra and Ruby, then maybe I would buy a pair. But any how, I’m sure they’ll sell out since it’s about time some different design embraced the world of flip flops.

  3. They are cute can’t wear these kind of sandals I need something good for my arches and something with support.

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