As you partake in today’s festivities, please remember that this may not be your cat’s favorite holiday. Noisy celebrations can be scary for many cats. By planning ahead, you can do a number of things to help your cats cope.

How to Help Your Cat Cope With Fireworks

10 Comments on Happy 4th of July 2019

  1. It looks like you girls have everything you need for ‘Firecracker Day’. ‘I would love to celebrate with you two darling beautiful wonderful amazing love-bugs, oh, enough already!’ Allegra and Ruby wear ear muffs or ear plugs when the boomers start going off, and Ingrid have a Happy Fourth.

  2. yum that looks delicious!! Have a happy and safe 4th! It is about to storm now and we pray with all of our might that tonight is too wet for jerks to set off fireworks!

  3. I adopted a new kitty in June of 2018. A week and a half after losing my first cat at the age of 16.5. She was the love of my life. With our new kitten I’ve decided to spend the fourth at home to be there Incase Gizmo (our new kitten) needs me. She did great last year but just in case i’m home.

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