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I’ve seen a lot of different uses for catnip, but catnip stickers were new to me – and what a clever idea they are! Pet Smoochies Catnip Stickers can be stuck on anything: toys, cat furniture, scratching posts. They can freshen up an old favorite toy, or turn a toy your cat has shown no interest in into a new favorite.

Each sticker is thickly coated with fine organic catnip and is effective indefinitely. The stickers stick on and off leaving no mess and no residue.


I stuck one of the stickers on my Cat Camp badge, and let me tell you, it was pretty potent!


My only concern with these stickers would be this: if your cat tends to ingest foreign objects, these may not be right for you. I would only use these under supervision.

Pet Smoochies are available on Amazon.


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  1. These are like little kisses you give to your feline companion. But has stated one should keep an eye on your cat ingesting them.

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