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I consider probiotics one of the most important supplements for all cats. There has been a fair amount of research on the human side on how critical a healthy gut is for a strong immune system, healthy body weight and composition, and even mental health. A healthy gut also minimizes the risk for numerous diseases, including diabetes and cancer.

Probiotics are crucial to promoting good intestinal health. While there are far fewer studies about the benefits of probiotics for animals, the studies that do exist have found that probiotics have the same positive effect on animals as they do on humans.

There are few probiotics specifically formulated for cats, so I was delighted to see that Jackson Galaxy just launched his own cat probiotic, and even more delighted that it also contains digestive enzymes.


Jackson Galaxy Cat Probiotics Features

  • Contains no grains, corn or dyes.
  • No Heat No Cook process ensures your cat gets 100% potency of the probiotics in the product. Proper processing is important to maintain the potency of the product – some brands loose over 50% of their potency during production.
  • Delicious taste cats will love, flavored with real chicken liver.
  • Contains pumpkin to aid digestion.
  • Made in the USA at an FDA registered factory, which is annually inspected by APHIS (the USDA’s Animal Health and Plant Inspection Service.)
  • If your cat does not love this product, they offer a no questions asked, 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Putting Jackson Galaxy Cat Probiotics to the test

The first thing I love about the product is that it comes with a little scoop right inside the container, which makes it simple to portion out. One scoop equals one serving.

I first tried the probiotics “straight up.” Ruby loved it and licked it straight off the little dish I put it on. Allegra wasn’t crazy about it straight up, but had no problem eating her meal when I mixed it in with her food.

For cats who love the chicken liver flavor, this can also be used as a food topper to entice finicky cats to eat.

A quality probiotic, made in the US, and recommended by Jackson Galaxy: a product doesn’t get much better than this. In fact, I like it so much that I’m giving it our coveted Seal of Approval.

Jackson Galaxy Cat Probiotics is available from Amazon.



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6 Comments on Review: Jackson Galaxy Cat Probiotics

  1. I was going to try it, but there are so many negatives reviews on Amazon about the cats not liking it. I trust Jackson’s products and they do refund your money if it’s is not acceptable…so I’ll see about ordering it.
    Right now, I use the Forti Flora which one of my cats really likes….one of the little paper packets goes for two times.

  2. This sounds great, going to give this a try. Is this a good substitute for the Dr. Goodpet feline emzymes?

  3. I’m confused. I thought probiotics had to be given to a cat on an empty stomach. Doesn’t mixing it with food decrease the benefits significantly?

    • There’s not much information on probiotics for cats yet, but on the human side, recommendations are to not take them on an empty stomach. Since the stomach is more acidic in an empty state, probiotics may not survive in that environment. Taking them with food provides enough buffering to ensure they actually get to the digestive tract.

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