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8 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Rainbows and Clouds

  1. Being a colorful, magical brightly lit rainbow in someone’s cloud is a very special way for them to remember you. Whether their cloud is only dimly dark, or maybe it’s overly dark or even if it’s a white cloud hanging over them, a rainbow created by G d will brighten anyone’s day.

    • My orange tabby, Kraftwerk went to the rainbow bridge at age 15 and a half 2/1/19. On that day my other orange tabby Milo stopped sleeping next to me. Both of them always slept next to me. Milo, age 9 and to be age 10, 7/26/19 stared hiding out in the basement and I would pet him several times a day. Recently when Milo comes up for wet dinner, I noticed he was having some trouble walking . I picked him up and notice a lot of tumors on his left back leg and underside. I took him to the Vet. and got him a Cancer test. The results did not come back yet. Milo is now sleeping in my bed next to and on me and not hanging out hidden in the basement anymore since he went to the Vet. It seems, he thinks, that I accepted his tumors. I do not know really what to do about this until the Cancer results come back. If they are only tumors, they would have to be removed. I know someone whose cat had tumors and had them removed a couple of times, but they kept coming back until eventually they got attached to internal organs and then he had to cross the rainbow bridge. If they are Cancer, then I don’t know. I can not afford to spent thousands of dollars to keep him alive, even if that would work.

      • I’m sorry about Milo, Patricia. It’s such an awful diagnosis Treatment options will vary and depend on the results of the test. Get all the information, and then make your decision based on what’s right for you and Milo. I know it’s difficult, and sometimes, not treating and offering palliative care instead can be the best choice.

  2. My Kammi is my Rainbow , I had a Calico cat cross the Rainbow Bridge 23 years ago and I had a black cat cross the Rainbow Bridge 12 years ago

  3. Whenever I hear the word rainbow or see a picture of a rainbow online I start to cry. Our baby girl went over the rainbow bridge June 6, 2018.

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