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I’ve previously told you about the Assisi Loop Lounge™, the result of an exciting collaboration between Sleepypod and Assisi Animal Health. Sleepypod now offers an Assisi Loop Lounge™ accessory for the Sleepypod Air and Sleepypod Atom pet carrier models.

“Sleepypod carriers have transformed how pets travel,” says Michael Leung, Sleepypod co-founder. “As a leader in non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory technology, Assisi Animal Health is an ideal collaborative partner to Sleepypod. Through this collaboration, we as a team are moving the ball forward in companion animal care by delivering an innovative approach to body healing and pain relief.”

How does the Loop Lounge™ work?

The Assisi Loop Lounge™ is the only therapeutic pet bed that incorporates an FDA cleared, prescription PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) device that is backed by peer-reviewed clinical research in veterinary medicine. With the Assisi Loop’s® targeted (tPEMF™) technology, the Loop Lounge™ delivers a microcurrent targeting the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory process. This microcurrent enhances nitric oxide production, accelerating the healing of soft and hard tissues—including the skin, tendons, ligaments, bones and organs. The Assisi Loop Lounge™ is effective alone and can be used adjunctive to other therapies.


tPEMF, which was first studied in the 1970s and is FDA-cleared for use in humans, uses low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms to help relieve pain and swelling.

The Assisi Loop Lounge™ therapy bed can be used with Sleepypod Air or Sleepypod Atom carriers in place of the traditional foam insert to create a contained, comfortable space for healing at home or on the go.


With a treatment field extending up to 10 inches from the floor to the carrier, any small animal is guaranteed not only nose-to-tail, but toes-to-tip-of-the-ear treatment coverage.

How to order the Assisi Loop Lounge™

The Assisi Loop Lounge™ requires a prescription from your veterinarian. If you already own a Sleepypod Air or Sleepypod Atom carrier, you can simply swap out the foam cushion with the Loop Lounge.

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  1. This looks like such a fantastic way to improve a Senior Cat’s overall health. I have noticed the distributor in Australia and will be asking my Vet about it. Thanks so much for the information.

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