Our friend Dorian Wagner, who you may know as the owner of Cat Lady Box, has been involved in cat rescue for decades. I’ve always admired her big heart when it comes to helping cats who can’t help themselves. She once again came through for a grey kitten, now named Purradise Bleu, rescued from a South Florida beach. She first noticed the kitten under the stairs of a restaurant. Bleu was friendly and played with Dorian, but wouldn’t let herself be caught. It took eight days and two traps, but Dorian and a friend were finally able to trap the little kitten. Bleu hung out in Dorian’s bathroom for a few hours before her foster mom could pick her up, and she turned out to be a total lovebug. Bleu is available for adoption in South Florida through Good Karma Pet Rescue. For more about this wonderful rescue story, read Dorian’s account on Facebook.

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Is there anything more soothing than the sound of a cat’s purr? You might want to bookmark today’s video for the times when you’re away from your own purring cats, but are in immediate need a purr fix. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

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2 Comments on Mews and Nips: Kitten Rescued from Florida Beach is Looking for Her Forever Home

  1. Love the video/audio clip! So many cute kitties, so many different purrrrrrs… Especially like the one they show emitting little bubbles when s/he opens the mouth while purring!
    Love the color of the kitten – kinda appears more of a golden brown than gray, but perhaps just the lighting. She looks to be very sweet and will likely get scooped up quick, if she hasn’t been already!

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