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My name is Viktoria Harris. My interest in natural and alternative medicine started when my daughter was born premature with various health issues that required numerous operations, medicines and drugs – some of which caused even more problems for her. It was then that I searched for, and was successful at finding, natural treatments that helped her and did not have the side-effects of regular medication drugs.

Since that time I have been using primarily homeopathic remedies for my entire family. When my dog Tango got sick, I decided to try homeopathic remedies on him as well – with great success.

About BestLife4Pets

In 2017 I founded BestLife4Pets, an online family-run pet supply company specializing in natural and homeopathic remedies for cat and dog health issues, so that I could help other pets feel better, have more energy, and be healthy naturally.

One of my passions is to increase awareness of alternative treatments. We are happy to see that, as integrated medicine and alternative treatments gain popularity and become mainstream, more and more pet parents are discovering the overwhelming benefits of homeopathic treatment not only for themselves but for their pets as well.

How homeopathic remedies work

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann based on the doctrine of ‘like cures like.” Homeopathic remedies use natural plants that have similar properties to the condition to cure that same illnesses or condition. These remedies are a safe alternative to traditional medicine and have been shown to provide long lasting pain relief for both emotional issues such as anxiety as well as physical problems such as joint pain and urinary infections.

BestLife4Pets Top Remedies

Since starting up, BestLife4Pets has received rave reviews for some of our top remedies such as: WALK-EASY Joint and Pain Relief Remedy for Arthritis, Pets-At-Ease Calming Remedy which comes in a spray and pellet form, and our recently launched Kidney and UTI Support Remedy. Here is what some of our customers have to say:


“Juney is an outside kitty on our large property, every Tom cat around wants his throne, the raccoons and possums even challenge him. We gave him 3 different supplements through the years as well as a vet approved NSAID. We’ve put him in our garage with heating pads every night and day through the cold nights, but our old boy kept declining. All the supplements worked, but he still needed more. Our Vet thought we were doing great, but we refused to settle for less. Then we tried Walk Easy, and we were and continually are astounded with the results. Our old guy is running for the thrill of it, he chased a raccoon off to my horror…and came strutting back the victor. For the first time in 10 years, we see him grooming himself. He’s flexible, agile and quite full of himself again!” – Kim M. (WALK-EASY Joint & Hip Pain Relief Remedy)


“Works fast! Got rid of my cats Urinary tract infection in few days . Highly recommend ! Saved me a trip to the vet and my cat is back to normal” – Hilary J. (Urinary Tract and Kidney Support Remedy)


“We moved our family from California to Utah last month and I was pretty nervous about how our two cats would do on the 12-hour drive when they didn’t like going 10 minutes in the car. I researched our options and felt like the Calming Stress Relief spray was our best bet; if it worked, it would calm the cats for the duration of the drive and the meowing would be down to a minimum. I had numerous friends who got sedatives from their vets only to have drugged cats meowing for the entire drive. For the week or two before the move I would spray my hand and caress their heads; you could see them relax immediately. I brought the carrier into their living space several weeks before the move so they could get used to the carrier (see it as a friendly place to be) and I sprayed the blanket inside the carrier. The day of the epic drive the cats were relaxed and did amazingly well! My son, who is not a cat fan, drove them the entire way and he said they did really well. They were calm and chill. We continued to use the spray at our new house for a few days so the cats could acclimate. Now we have the happiest cats in Utah! This spray made our move a success and I would recommend it to any cat owner out there!” – Amazon review (Pets-at-Ease Remedy)

Enter to win 3 BestLife4Pets remedies of your choice

Winner chooses remedies. You can choose three different remedies, or three of the same remedy.

For up to seven ways to enter, see the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is open to readers in the United States only, and ends Thursday, March 28. Winners will be chosen by random drawing**.

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Check out all of our pet remedies at

BestLife4Pets remedies are also available from Amazon.

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Discount applies to all orders of single remedies and is valid on Amazon and the BestLife4Pets website. Use code BL4P30CAT at checkout.

BestLife4Pets gives back to non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations so that they can continue to help animals in need.

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25 Comments on Giveaway: BestLife4Pets: Natural Remedies to Improve Pets’ Lives

  1. i would be interested in the Pet-At-East for calming, stress, etc. it would be great to have when going to the vet or during storms.

  2. I would be interested in trying WALK-EASY, Pets-At-Ease and Flora Plus. Thank you for introducing this company to me.

  3. I would love to try these products!! I have kitties with health and aging and stress issues, have tried another brand would love to win and try this one!

  4. I would use the Urinary Tract & Kidney Support for Cats since one of my cats has had Urinary tract inflammation. The vet said it was probably from stress so he may need the calming one, too!

  5. My previous comment I forgot to tell you what I would like if I was chosen.
    I’d enjoy the UTI and kidney support and 2 calming spray please

  6. What a wonderful opportunity to win a wonderful gift! I’ve been looking for natural care for my boys!

  7. If I won, I would ask for 3 bottles of BestLife4Pets Glucosamine and Turmeric Joint Pain Relief Supplement for my senior Border Collie Rescues.

  8. All their products sound great, but I’m most interested in Pets-at-Ease (my senior cat, Moko, has medical issues which have me taking her to the vet every 30 days for a steroid shot, weigh-in, and medication refill and she gets very stressed – also my dogs get stressed when going in the car or when there are loud noises, like fireworks or thunder), Urinary Tract and Kidney Support Remedy (Moko’s medical situation has her using her litter box much more frequently than she used to and I worry she may get a UTI), and WALK-EASY Joint & Hip Pain Relief Remedy (both my senior dogs and my senior kitty, Moko, are showing the need for something like this).

  9. I would be interested in the urinary tract and the Pet At Ease. I have male cats and they really don’t like riding in the car.

  10. I would first like to try the Pets at Ease for my oldest feline. Thank u for another terrific giveaway =^..^=

  11. If I won, I would choose Walk-easy for my 2 older cats, and Pets-at-ease to help my 5 cats accept the foster mamacat more readily instead of constantly chasing & harassing her.

  12. all these homeopathic products for pets sound wonderful 🙂 so much better and safer too – good luck to everyone in the drawing 😉

  13. I wouldn’t mind trying the calming remedy. Miss Kiki has stress issues ans since Lulu arrived, she seems even worse. I’ve been using Feliway but it doesn’t seem to be helping much.

  14. I would actually get one of each. My senior going on geriatric CH girl Lillia is showing signs of joint aches and pains so the Walk Easy would be for her. The Pets at Ease would be for my mom’s pup. He’s an adopted Doxie Chihuahua mix. We live in a small village where they set off fireworks- a lot! Thankfully my kitties are used to it and because they can see them out the back window I think that helps them know what the noise is. Her Guppy is just a little nervous wreck as it is and when the fireworks go off he gets super scared. Other brand haven’t helped much or his Thundershirt. The UTI Support will be good to have on hand should anyone in either of our kitty crew’s need it. I like the backstory to the brand. I feel best when it’s tried and true by the maker’s themselves.

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