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Most cat guardians worry when their cats have to go under anesthesia. I’m certainly one of them. Even though I’ve assisted with all sorts of anesthetic procedures and surgeries in my years working in veterinary clinics, understanding how it all works, and what constitutes safe anesthetic practice still doesn’t completely take the worry out of it.

Knowing what to expect when your cat has to undergo anesthesia, and knowing the right questions to ask at your veterinary clinic prior to the procedure so that you can be sure that  your cat’s anesthesia will be done in the safest possible way, can help ease the worry factor.

In depth information about anesthesia for cats

Dr. James Anthony, a boarded veterinary dentist with over 30 years of experience, provides in depth information about feline anesthesia in this video.

If you prefer reading, click here to read a transcript of the video.

About Dr. Anthony

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2 Comments on Anesthesia for Cats: Information from a Veterinary Dentist

  1. I’ve lived with cats for over 40 years and didn’t know what I didn’t know (about anesthesia). Glad I read this because I have to bring my Dawn in for a dental visit. Thanks for providing this helpful info.

  2. I always worry when one of my kids has had to go under anesthesia. But we have to trust out vets and know they do the best possible for our kids.

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