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BlanCat, a super soft blanket that doubles as a cat bed? Yes, please, said Allegra and Ruby!

What is BlanCat?

BlanCat is specficially designed to stimulate your cat’s natural kneading response. While there are several theories as to why cats do this, the most common explanation is that cats learn to knead as kittens when they paw on their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow. Many adult cats continue to do this all their lives, often purring and drooling while “blancatting”. Kneading can also serve as a self-soothing behavior.

The BlanCat design is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It features a thick ring that’s about 16 inches in diameter. The super soft fabric is attached to the ring. The design allows for BlanCat to be used as a blanket or a bed.

Putting BlanCat to the test

Allegra and Ruby were immediately intrigued with the BlanCat.


A few minutes after I put it on the floor, Allegra demonstrated proper “blancatting” technique.

I know it’s not the most exciting video ever, but I actually find it extremely relaxing watching her do this!

Later that afternoon and evening, Allegra claimed the BlanCat as her new bed.


The following morning, Ruby decided that it was her turn. She couldn’t make up her mind whether the BlanCat was best used as a blanket or as a bed. She thinks both configurations make an excellent napping spot.


The only problem I see with BlanCat is that I’ll probably end up having to get a second one…

BlanCat is available from Amazon.


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10 Comments on Review: BlanCat Calming Blanket

  1. Thanks for sharing your review on the BlanCat blanket. Looks like Allegra and Ruby liked it a lot. The photo of Allegra fast asleep is so cute. We are going to pick one up to see our little ones may like it. Have a great day.

  2. You might want to urgently contact the manufacturer because 3 of the 7 reviews at Amazon said the blancat arrived with a gasoline smell that was not removed with standard wash with baking soda AND none of them seemed to have complained, one even tried reordering hoping it was afluke.. not lucky ‘twice’… urgent need for customer service attention to the amazon reviews…. ttyl

      • Someone who has the contact data for the manufacturer should be telling them to respond to the reviews on amazon if they do want to continue selling there… such bad reviews need to be countered with apologies and explanations and offers of replacement through amazon’s system.. otherwise they are effectively writing off their effort to get rolling on amazon.

        We had a disastrous cat carrier from some warehouse at amazon that had been dosed with a toxic chemical that likely was to keep the warehouse free of ‘pests’ and ‘harm’ but it was toxic to our recovering kitten. So someone needs to get their resources marshalled and COMPLAIN to wherever these things are coming from. And yes we complained ‘plainly and sternly’ in our anger.

        So up-chain complaining to amazon’s handling crews plus down-chain answering on reviewers misery may be needed…

        • Hi MJ, As the marketing coordinator for PetNovations I can address your concerns directly. We’ve sold thousands of BlanCats, as well as given many away to cat families/shelters who love the product and recommend it to their friends. Our own office cat uses his every day. Either way, we are aware of the issues and have investigated because it is not normal. We know that some people have had BlanCats with a smell. while others have not. We are in the process of coming up with a solution so no one has this issue moving forward. I want to assure you that we would never sell a product that could harm humans or animals. We have investigated the smell and while unpleasant, it is not dangerous. I am working on answering the comments on Amazon directly today. Until recently, we have only been selling the product on our own website and are new to selling it on Amazon.

    • I got in touch with the manufacturer about this issue yesterday. They told me they did have an issue with the plastic tubing inside the BlanCat creating a smell while the product is sealed during shipping. Unfortunately, it’s most noticeable when the box is first opened. While some people smell it, other’s do not have this issue and they’ve addressed the smell moving forward. They did stress that while some units may smell unpleasant, the smell is in no way harmful to pets or people and typically airs out within a day or two.

      • Thank you for relaying this worry for a cat toy with lots of potential, and they should post this response they gave you on Amazon in reply [as SELLER] to those reviewers, at least the one that is the latest so people will not think this is an unaddressed problem and just don’t try it… and maybe this will give potential buyers the confidence to give ‘the seller’ a ++++ or whatever in answering amazon’s requests for feedback… ttyl and thanks for stepping in… see ya

  3. I got a blanket for Christmas that Miss Lulu really loves. I leave it out on the couch for her all the time. I bet she would enjoy this bed/blanket too.

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