Allegra and Ruby are ready for the Oscars, and it’s no secret which movie they’re rooting for.

I never really cared that much about the Academy Awards in the past. I’d occasionally watch the Red Carpet part, because it’s fun to see all the beautiful gowns, and maybe I’d watch the first half hour of the actual show, but then I usually lost interest and went to bed. Not this year.

This year, I’m super excited about the five Oscar nominations for Bohemian Rhapsody. I’ve seen the movie at the theater seven times so far, and I won’t even admit to how many times I’ve watched the Blu-ray… I cannot recall any movie I’ve seen that many times, let alone at the theater.

This movie is joyful, inspirational, emotional – everything that a great movie should be. From the wonderful portrayal of Freddie Mercury, even if it strayed quite a bit from the truth for dramatic effect, to the perfect casting and phenomenal acting, and of course, the music, this movie, for me, is two hours of pure happiness. And I loved how the cats were represented. I knew Freddie Mercury was a cat lover, but until recently, I had no idea just how much he loved cats.

I was excited about the Golden Globe wins for Best Actor and Best Picture. I was thrilled for Rami Malek’s SAG win and Performer of the Year award at the Santa Barbara film festival. And I really hope that tonight, I’ll be celebrating – the movie was nominated for five Oscars, including Best Actor and Best Picture.


And  yes, for the first time ever, I will be watching the entire show. I’ll be at a friend’s house for an Oscar watching party, but I’ll leave the TV on for Allegra and Ruby, since clearly, they’re excited about the movie, too. Allegra fancies herself as the feline version of Freddie, and Ruby has been practicing her Red Special.

Have a beautiful Sunday, whether you care about the Oscars or not!

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12 Comments on Conscious Cat Sunday: The Oscars Edition

  1. I don’t even have a tv to watch, but I sure enjoyed reading your article and seeing how you integrated Allegra and Ruby into the post! Very creative! I will say however, that also being a big Queen fan I did watch the movie trailer on YT. Maybe I should break down and rent it for a night! Thank you for your joyful posts!!

  2. I usually don’t watch the awards shows, but I might tonight. We finally saw Bohemian Rhaposdy last night and loved it. It has to win some awards tonight. I also enjoyed how well the cats were represented in the movie.

  3. Great article and I too will be watching the entire show. Usually I get bored but I am rooting hard for Bohemian Rhapsody. I never knew how much of a cat lover Freddie Mercury was and of course that make me root harder! Allegra and Ruby look beautiful in their Oscar finery!!

  4. Who would’ve ever guessed that Allegra and Ruby, the amazing felines, would’ve ever voted for ‘Bohemian Rhaposdy’ starring Freddie Mercury, ha ha. However, my 2 darlings, I’m with you both and the movie gets my vote. Any movie producer who steps out and puts meow babies into their film has to be on the right track, or should we say, the red carpet. Ruby and Allegra you wear those crowns and strut your stuff away and beyond. I love you both.

  5. Yes, as soon as I saw the Royal Purple Crowns I knew who you all were rooting for. Queen fan since the Sheer Heart Attack album. Cried most of the way through the first theatre viewing. Laughed and smiled through my 2nd theatre viewing. Loved the biopic and I’ve been researching the destails as I knew certain things were off at the first viewing. Although a lot is off it’s such a wonderful biopic that I’ve watched it 3 more times on DVD since my copy arrived on Feb 12th. First time I’m watching the Oscars in a decade and all the pre shows leading up to it just like I did the Golden Globes. We’re all crossing our fingers and claws hoping Bohemian Rhapsody takes home all the awards! I’ll be watching with you!

  6. I’m a huge Queen fan too, for the past 41 years! I loved the biopic and plan to buy it soon. Thanks for your great article!

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