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Cats love to climb and view the world from high places, and providing appropriate opportunities for them to do this is an essential part of environmental enrichment. Vertical space is especially important in multicat homes, because it increases the territory available to cats, and allows cats to get away from each other when needed.

CatScapes, an innovative modular climbing system, lets you create a completely customizable vertical experience for your cats.


Heavy duty brackets

The system’s versaitliyy hinges (pun intended) on its patent-pending bracket system. By combining shelves with single, double or triple brackets, you can create an endless number of configurations that give your cats places to run, climb, jump, perch and rest. You are limited only by your imagination.


The brackets are made of a high-grade heavy duty plastic and mount to the wall with screws. The shelves slide into the brackets and attach, also with screws. Here’s the brilliant part — the brackets can be positioned anywhere on the wall. They recommend using wall anchors or molly bolts if you are not drilling into the studs, but because of how the shelves attach to the brackets, the shelves themselves create a support structure that strengthens the system so you don’t necessarily have to use the studs. Each bracket is rated to hold 75 lbs. when mounted properly.


Removable carpet and shelves

All of the shelves come with a soft carpet pad that is easily removable and replaceable. Each shelf is individually replaceable, too.

CatScapes Standard Kit

The CatScapes Standard Kit includes three shelves, one 16″, one 20″ and one 32″, plus two single brackets (for use at the ends) and two double brackets (used to connect two shelves). Create flat surfaces for perching and lounging and angled ramps to connect between the shelves. The different length shelves can be connected in any order so you decide if you want to create long or short perches and ramps at any angle. Depending on the size of your space, you can even combine multiple standard kits to create a true cat superhighway!


CatScapes Triple Expansion Kit

If you want to get even more creative, you can add the CatScapes Triple Expansion Kit. This kit is not standalone, it must be combined with at least one Standard Kit. The Triple Expansion Kit includes two shelves, one 16″ and one 26″, plus one triple bracket and one end bracket. This kit, when combined with a standard kit, allows you to intersect three shelves, creating a hub.

Pre-order now for big savings!

CatScapes is just launching now and they are using an innovative way to fund this project by running their own crowdfunding campaign to produce the first batch of shelves. Simply pre-order the kits on their website at significant savings. If enough kits are sold buy Dec 21, the project will be funded and delivery is expected by the end of March 2019. If they do not reach their targe, all moneys will be refunded. Read more about their crowdfunding plan here.

For more information about CatScapes and to order, please visit You can also find CatScapes on Facebook and Instagram.


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