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3 in 4 cats have some form of dental disease. 1 in 3 adult cats are are dealing with arthritis and other joint issues. Both conditions are painful, and since cats are masters at hiding pain, you may not even be aware that your cat is suffering. Wouldn’t you love to have one single remedy that not only addresses both of these issues, but that is so easy to administer that your cat will think she’s getting a treat?

What is 1TDC™?

1TDC™ (which stands for 1-TetraDecanol Complex) is a revolutionary natural solution that keeps joints, muscles and gums healthy at a cellular level. This product goes beyond supplements containing glucosamine and fish oil. It works systemically as a catalyst to allow the body to improve joint and oral health.

1TDC™ is a proprietary blend of fatty acids that are derived from beef tallow. They are then formulated into a unique fatty acid complex in a CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA) food-grade facility in the USA. These fatty acids are different from the essential acids you find in products like fish oil.

1TDC™’s unique technology is highly and rapidly absorbed, whether applied topically on the gums or taken orally in capsule form. When it enters the body, 1TDC™ has a tremendous affinity for white blood cells, which allows it to get where it is needed quickly. 1TDC™ efficiently does the job without interfering with other elements of your cat’s health.


1TDC™ Benefits

  • Oral Health: Applied directly to the gums, 1TDC™ is a natural solution that keeps gums healthy, which maintains the structural integrity of the teeth
  • Joint Health: 1TDC™ keeps joints and muscles healthy at a cellular level, beyond traditional ingredients like glucosamine and fish oil.
  • Skin & Coat Health: As the largest organ, the skin also functions as an important part of the immune system. Healthy skin helps protect against external threats such as viruses and bacteria. 1TDC™ will keep your cat’s coat shiny and healthy.
  • Performance & Recovery: Because of the hip & joint support 1TDC™ provides, it supports your cat’s muscular power and stamina, which leads to better performance and faster recovery from illness or injury

Backed by research and veterinary dentists

There are endless products on the market that are designed to help with dental issues arising from tartar and plaque. However, until now, veterinary dentists and general veterinarians have not had a product available that directly impacts the gum health of their patients. With 1TDC™, they do.

The 1TDC™ technology has been clinically proven effective and was published in The Journal of Periodontology in 2007 and 2009. Dr. James Anthony, a boarded veterinary dentist with over 30 years of experience, conducted a double blind periodontal health study with cats at The University of Saskatchewan. His research demonstrated positive results beyond the studies published in The Journal of Periodontology.

“I was amazed at the positive results from the use of the 1TDC™ technology,” said Dr. Anthony, BSc(Agr), DVM, MRCVS, FAVD, DAVDC, DEVDC, Pag. “All periodontal measurements in the test animals improved significantly. The more I use the 1TDC™ technology, the more impressed I am.”


Unique capsule design, easy administration

1TDC™ has been designed as a unique (and kind of cute!) heart-shaped twist off capsule. You simply hold the little heart tight and twist the big heart.

4 ways to administer

After twisting the capsule open:

  • Squeeze capsule and let them lick it as it exits the capsule.
  • Apply on top of your cat’s food. A cat’s natural licking motion will distribute the product onto the gums sufficiently.
  • Gently squeeze the capsule contents into the mouth. Squeeze half on one side and then the remainder on the other side.
  • Squeeze capsule contents on your cat’s paw or nose and he/she will lick it off.

A portion will be absorbed into the gums and provide the periodontal benefit, and the rest will be swallowed and circulate throughout the body to provide the muscle and joint benefits. It’s important to understand that the only way your cat will get the periodontal benefits is if a portion of the product is absorbed through the gums.

Putting 1TDC™ to the test

I offered 1TDC™ to Allegra and Ruby on the tip of my finger. Allegra went nuts – I’ve never seen her take to a “treat” like this. Ruby was a little slower to accept it, but once she got a few licks in, she, too, gobbled it up. Now all I have to do is pick up the bottle from the kitchen counter, and Allegra starts singing for her 1TDC™. After the first few days, I started rubbing a portion of it on her gums before letting her lick the rest off my finger. Ruby prefers to take her 1TDC™ off a small dish.

I’m super excited about this product, especially for Allegra. I use MaxiGUARD Oral Cleansing Gel on her teeth daily, which is designed to reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Her mouth has improved considerably since I started using that product. I’m confident that adding 1TDC™ to her daily dental care regimen will further improve her oral health, and I’m hoping that it will continue to extend the time between professional cleanings.

Ruby had all her teeth extracted last January, but just because she doesn’t have any teeth left doesn’t mean she isn’t subject to inflammation, so I’m going to give her 1TDC™ as well.

For more information about 1TDC™ and to purchase, please visit 1TDC.com.

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9 Comments on 1TDC™: A 4-in1 Wellness Solution for Your Cat

  1. This is an excellent idea. But what about brushing your cat’s teeth? Ruby, I’m so sorry you lost all your teeth, too much sweets, my dear; Ruby maybe cat teeth implants will be discovered, just kidding. I love you any way, my Ruby, teeth or no teeth.

  2. Just ordered some thru your link! Thanks for all the wonderful info you provide thru your blog. Not sure I will ever be able to brush my kitty’s teeth so hopefully this will help. Am crossing my fingers that she sees it as a treat!!

  3. Thanks for the great info. Not sure I will ever be able to brush my kitty’s teeth so hopefully this will help. I just ordered some thru your link. Thank you for all the great info you give us!

  4. This sounds awesome. I’m going to order some of the Friday. I will definitely use the code you gave us. I give Paigey, Phoebe, Mishka & Bear, Dosoquin joint & hip supplement. It will be great if they lick it up instead of forcing it down. It never works hiding it in food. They are to smart!! I love that it will help with thier teeth too. Phoebe and Bear have had dental issues in the past. It cost more for thier dental than mine lol. I need a crown and I put it off so I could pay the $1100 for 5 tooth extractions & teeth polished for my furbabies. I really couldn’t afford that but I had too. I know bad teeth can make them very sick that leads to other serious conditions up to death

  5. This is something I definitely need. I admittedly am spotty when it comes to keeping up with my crew’s supplements. Given that three are seniors now(where did the time go?). Especially Lillia my CH kitty has noticeable arthritic pain. I love all if the issues it addresses and th e delivery system is perfect. My guys are picky with treats and somehow know if I add anything to their food and they will not touch it. A simple squeeze is stress free for both of us. Thank you!

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