Thursday is Thanksgiving in the United States. And while spending time with family and friends is the best part of this holiday, I think it’s also important to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday: a time to count one’s blessings. I keep a gratitude journal all year long: each night before I go to bed, I list at least three things I was grateful for that day. Gratitude is a powerful force. It shifts your mood and your thoughts from a place of lack to a place of abundance. Gratitude is all about being in the present moment, and appreciating what’s around you.

Several years ago, I started my tradition of making a “Thanksgiving ABC’s” list. Some of the items on the list repeat year after year, others are new. Here’s this year’s list:

A: Allegra

B: Bohemian Rhapsody – both the song, and the movie. It’s rare for me that  movie has me spellbound – this one did, even though I’m not a huge Queen fan. And yes, there were cats in the movie. Freddie Mercury loved his cats, he even had two torties!

C: Cats, of course!

D: Dessert

E: Eating out – one of my great pleasures in life

F: Facebook. As annoying and time-sucking as it can be, it’s also a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends.

G: German TV shows, because while they make me feel nostalgic at times, they also keep me in touch with the country of my birth

H: Hallmark Channel. In these challenging times, the Hallmark Channel, especially this time of year, has become the perfect escape from reality for me.

I: my independence

J: Joy

K: Kindness

L: Lazy Sundays

M: Music

N: New York City, my favorite city in the world

O: Oranges and Clementines. I’m obsessed with citrus fruit in the winter months and add them to my salads almost every day.

P: Pajama pants. Is there anything more comfortable than soft flannel PJ pants? And since I work from home, PJ pants are not just for sleeping, they’re an important part of my work wardrobe…

Q: Quiet

R: Ruby

S: Sweatshirts. See the entry under P for an explanation!

T: Torties!

U: Unscheduled time

V: Veterinarians and veterinary staff, for all they do to make cats’ lives better

W: Walking. My daily walks are exercise, meditation and sanity saver for me.

X: X-mas. Even though I’m not crazy about this abbreviation of Christmas, I can never think of anything else that starts with X, and I do love Christmas!

Y: You – our readers!

Z: the Zoomies – it’s what I call it when Ruby races through the house like a crazy kitten for no reason at all

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

11 Comments on Thanksgiving ABC’s 2018

  1. Love your list. I do know I am thankful for all 5 of my Furkids..Amanda, pumpkin Sugar, Chubby and Mikey. Thankful for my job working for an all Cat rescue and shelter…thjankful for a new life in Arizona and of course Thankful for my good friends…new and old….

  2. Great idea! I’m doing just that! And while I off-and-on write in a journal, it always seems as if I’m asking God to do something for me instead of writing down ‘3 thanks.’ This may get me off my duff, off my funk, and put a smile on my face. (Been feeling a little down lately). Thank you.

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