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Water is critical to keeping your cat health. Proper hydration can help prevent urinary tract disease and promote healthy kidney function by flushing toxins. Fountains are a great way to encourage cats to drink more water. The new Swan Fountain by Pioneer Pet is an elegant fountain that mimics a faucet, making it ideal for cats who love to drink from the sink.

Generously sized to hold up to 80 oz of water, the Swan Fountain is made from premium plastic with a charcoal filtration system. The fountain is easy to assemble and clean and is dishwasher safe. The Swan Fountain is available in white and chrome.


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93 Comments on Giveaway: Swan Fountain by Pioneer Pet

  1. What a nice looking fountain! Our guys would enjoy having a fountain in the back of the house in addition to the one in the front – they’re a wee bit spoiled 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. I have 6 cats-one is a tortie All are rescues ❤️ They enjoy drinking from the kitchen sink which my husband doesn’t appreciate Maybe the Swan Fountain would solve this issue.

  3. Mr. B loves to drink out of the bathtub faucet. He sits in the tub waiting for it to drip. This would be perfect for him — his own faucet.

  4. With 2 cats that love water this would be wonderful. Fresh water available at all times. Plus maybe they would let me do the dishes and brush my teeth in peace! Thanks for featuring this!

  5. This is one cool fountain. We really like the stainless steel one best. You can never have too many water sources for us kitties. Good luck everyone! Purrs

  6. We’ve never seen this water fountain before. It’s super nice. Mom always says to have lot’s of water resources around in different places of the house. the stainless steel one is our fav. Good luck everyone!

  7. If my cats were to win this maybe they would let me brush my teeth in peace. Whenever I brush my teeth they love to drink out of the running faucet. They will even jump up on the bathroom counter when I am not brushing my teeth and try to guilt me into turning the faucet on for them.

  8. Hi! I have recently adopted a 14 year cat, and would very much appreciate this fountain has it would help me prevent she getting Kidney Failure, and stimulate her to drink more!

  9. I’d like to win it because moth of my cats love fresh water and both drink a lot! I think they’d love this!

  10. I had another Pioneer fountain that has since broken, but my cats enjoyed it. I also have two who like to drink from faucets, so this would be purrfect for them!

  11. My cats are indoor-only cats who share our home with humans and dogs. The dogs and cats often drink from the same water dishes but I would love a fountain like this just for the cats. It would encourage my senior girl, Moko, to drink more fresh water.

  12. My cat loves to drink from the faucet and I can’t stand it. He hows in the bathroom for me to turn on the water OR when I”m brushing my teeth he’s directly beneath me! I know he (and I) would LOVE this!

  13. I have two wonderful cats, and one of them has a very strong preference for drinking from the bathroom sink. He’s very polite, and will quietly sit next to the sink (sometimes in the dark!) until someone turns the water on– at just the right “stream” level. He would LOVE the Swan Fountain!
    Our other cat (rescued from a separate litter) recently discovered how fun it can be to splash his paw in, and take sips from, a small pool of water. …This happened rather recently, when we needed to remove the lid from the toilet tank for repairs! :p

  14. My youngest cat would LOVE this! He comes running when we turn on a faucet so I’m sure a Swan Fountain would be a big hit.

  15. My cats love drinking from the bathroom faucets. With this fountain I wouldn’t have worry about leaving the faucet running.

  16. I need this water fountain, because no matter how cold the water is in the cat bowl, they drink out of the toliet. So i have to make sure the lid is down and guests know to put it down also.I dont want them to get sick. And i dont use any harmful chemicals to clean the bowl.

  17. I have several cats and most of the love a cat fountain. This one looks especially nice so I know my kids would love it!

  18. Ingrid, my cats would LOVE this fountain. They all drink a lot of water, and I have to fill their water bowl several times during the day. This fountain would be awesome. I have a tortie named Baby Girl that loves to drink out of the bathroom faucet. I used to have a cat named Boo who liked to take naps in the small sink in the bathroom. He passed away this past March of unknown causes. And my other cat named Jax, who’s a gray and white tuxie, also likes to hang out in the bathroom sink, and he’s a big boy. He really is too big for the sink, but stuffs himself in. The fountain would be a Godsend for me AND my fur babies. Thank you for offering this fountain in your giveaway.

  19. I want to win this for my 4 cats. I can tell by the way the water flows from it they would love it (when I’m pouring water into their bowl, it’s just like that and they drink from the cup as it’s pouring out).

  20. I would like to try a water fountain to see if it really works. Never tried with my cat before. Even though I give my cat ice cubes along with regular tap water I would love to try it on her and see if she would drink more water or not. I think it is a great product. If I had my choice I would take steel color over the white. However both are nice. I try to give my cat as many options as I can and this would be great for my cat.

  21. I’ve heard of water fountains for cats before but never a swan water fountain. Looks like a good product. I would love to win one of those. I’ve never tried a water fountain with my pet cat before. Love to win it.

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